How modern technology is good as well as bad for humans?

How modern technology is good as well as bad for humans

Modern technology is the need of the era and hour because it gives us comfort and simplifies daily tasks. The human world depends on it for its progress in the coming years. However, despite all the benefits, we are also facing some side effects of using modern technology. Progress does not mean overconsumption of a facility without any consideration for its drawback. You should get an insight into the advantages as well as disadvantages of modern technology for society.

What is modern technology?

Modern technology is the addition of new ways and modifications in the old technology to make tasks easier. These can be daily routine tasks or the big ones such as a satellite launch with the latest features.

For example, in the name of technology, we had telephones. Humans felt that they also needed to call their loved ones and colleagues when they were traveling. As a result, we invented mobile phones that are portable, handy, and versatile in their functioning.

Advantages of modern technology

First of all, count the pros of advanced technology and understand how we are blessed to have more innovative technological advancements.

Communication is better than ever

This is always the first thing to come to notice because communication is the most important thing to keep all other innovations in the queue. Beyond mobile communications, today, we have satellite communications technology. It is beyond our daily life communication because better connectivity is also helpful for the security of the country.

It is really difficult now to survive without the latest communication ways. There are no boundaries or restrictions of communication today. It is not an exaggeration to say that the global village idea could take shape due to modern communication technology.

Easier money management

From budget planners to loan calculators and handy banking apps, modern technology makes things easier for us. Financial solutions are available online today. Whether you need a mortgage or quick loans on same day in Ireland, you can proceed through a paperless procedure.

Compare varied financial solutions online and choose the best option that suits your money-related concerns. Consumers today can choose from sundry options and do not need to depend on brokers and pay them a higher amount. They can apply for any sort of financial solution online through a transparent procedure.

Good for students

It is really important to talk about the education sector here because the students make the future of this world. Today we have virtual classes, online tuitions, whiteboards, and content sharing technology that offers better connectivity to students and teachers.

It also makes students self-reliant. Today they can find their own accommodation online and fill the rental agreements without any help from parents. They can also approach loan agencies in Ireland online to get a student loan for any need if they are employed. Due to modern technology, today, students can start their own businesses at a young age. They can be virtual assistants, content writers, etc., and can earn online.

Disadvantages of modern technology

The negative part comes because modern tech also has some cons, and you should be aware of them. Here are the disadvantages of modern tech.

Social isolation

This is perhaps the worst thing that we are facing today. The sad part is that we do not even realize it. In fact, somewhere, we celebrate it. We do not want to meet people face-to-face. Relationships today are more about video calls, WhatsApp, Messenger, messaging, etc.

Our children are closed in our homes playing video games and scrolling their mobile phones up and down. They do not want to play anymore. It seems as if we all have become a slave of our electronic devices and do not know how actually to talk to people. In the name of simplifying daily tasks, we also forget that humans are social creatures and should not forget how to talk to people. You may not have many friends, but it is vital to learn how to meet people.

Reduced creativity  

Modern technology does many things for humans. Today our technology-backed bracelet gives a message to the coffee maker when we wake up. Hello?? Where is the creativity to make a coffee? No, do not think that it is a small task of the day, and a coffee maker can do it quickly. Yes, maybe that is fine. But it is not only about a small thing. It is about many small things that technology can do for us, which is good, affecting our creativity.

We cannot calculate numbers easily without the help of a mobile calculator. For designs, we do not seek inspiration from the nature of the things around us. We right away go to Google and search for the designs. It is really an important thing to leave the devices behind and do things in our own way. It is found to make mistakes because they also improve creativity.

More machines , smarter technology, less employment

Businesses and companies are happy that they have new technology to reduce costs on the workers. They constantly seek people who can tackle technology better. But not all people are tech-savvy. In that case, many people lose jobs despite having talent.

Machines that work efficiently can replace hundreds of workers because they can perform the work of many people. One machine can replace many employees. It is an excellent idea for businesses but not for those who need a job and struggle from a money crisis.


There are always two sides to a coin, and similarly, modern technology has some pros and cons. We need to use it maximum but at the same time should work on the negative effects. The disadvantages are not severe if we work on them sincerely. For example – we can anytime work on the issue of social isolation. Similarly, stop using devices for small and big things and do things manually to revive creativity. Humans created modern technology. It should not get the power to drive humans according to its wish. We are the creators of technology and not the slaves. See the difference and apply the difference.

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