How Much Does Tea Coffee Machine Cost In India?

Tea coffee machines' price

Vending machines at workplaces have become necessary due to the ever-growing tea-coffee culture in India. Whether it’s an office, hospital, or school, a vending machine is something that you buy and install after thorough research and need analysis.

Tea coffee machines’ price in India varies. The cheapest may be as low as Rs 15000, while the most expensive can go in several lakh rupees. Factors such as size, features, and brand determine these costs. However, you can consider every aspect in detail before buying a vending machine for your office. Here are the key aspects to consider. 

The Size

The size of a vending machine determines the number of flavours you can have. If you want to start a coffee vending business, buying one with various flavours, such as espresso, latte, and hot/iced drinks is ideal. This means the higher the number of tastes, the higher the price, and vice versa. 

For instance, a vending machine that offers only cold/iced drinks is cheaper than one that provides both hot and cold drinks. Also, size determines the number of containers the machine can store. For instance, you can have a two-lane or four-lane vending machine. Therefore, a two-lane machine is cheaper than a 4-lane vending machine. 

The brand

The brand is a significant determinant for vending machine prices in India. The most popular brands, such as Godrej, have high-quality products. They also have better services, such as deliveries to numerous locations. Therefore, their prices are a little higher than the least popular brands.

However, such brands have different price ranges since they have varying products for customers with different budgets. Although the low-cost machine might not have prominent features, they’re ideal for small offices.   


Vending machines come with different features depending on the intended use. Some of the most distinguishing features that affect the price include:

Automation Vs. Semi-automation 

Some machines are automatic, while others are semi-automatic. Automatic machines are more expensive as their functionality is backed by technology.

Their unique features include  

  • Digital display – enhances usability and tracking.
  • Auto lock – enhances the security of the beverages.
  • Autocleaning – this means the machine auto-cleans itself. 
  • Quick reloading – when the supplies run out. 

The semi-automatic is cheaper since it requires human intervention. For instance, cleaning is done manually. 

Dispensing Rate and Cup Size

Some vending machines may dispense less than 5 cups per minute and less than 100 per day, while some can dispense more than 15 cups per minute and more than 1000 cups per day. The advanced vending machines can keep dispensing drinks unless they’re in cleaning mode. While such machines are good for business, they are more expensive than those with a limited number of dispensed cups.

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When it comes to cup sizes, they range between 200-500ml. Vending machines with larger cup sizes are more expensive than those with smaller cup sizes. This is because larger cup sizes require a large boiler and vice versa.

Bean Versus Instant 

Instant versus bean-to-cup is an interesting feature that influences the price of a vending machine. A bean machine consists of a grinder, bean hopper, brewing unit, and grounds container. These special features contribute to the cost of these machines.

Vending machines are required in offices, hospitals, and schools. Their prices vary depending on several factors, such as brand, size/capacity, and features. The most popular brands are more expensive than the least popular brands. 

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Tea coffee vending machine features also decide their prices. Fully automated vending machines are more expensive than semi-automated ones. On the other hand, the bean coffee machines are more expensive since they have special features to help grind and brew the coffee.      

So, assess the available options, budget and requirements before making a purchase decision.

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