How Pallet Wrapping Supplies Can Benefit Businesses?

pallet wrapping supplies

Pallet wrapping supplies are widely used in warehouses and other commercial settings to secure and maintain goods on a pallet. Pallet wrap shields the pallet’s contents during transportation, preventing falls or damages. They are essential for eCommerce businesses. They encourage appropriate packaging and minimise product loss during transportation. Large warehouses often use advanced pallet machines to apply wraps to the pallets. However, some businesses are using manual methods to wrap the pallets. Pallet wraps come in many types, such as Blown Stretch, Hand Stretch, Cast Stretch, Pre-Stretch, and machine stretch.

Types Of Pallet Wraps

Cast Stretch Wrap

Cast wrap is the most commonly used stretch wrap material. It is one of the most affordable choices for pallet wrapping supplies. It is easier to stretch this film. It has a poor stretch memory due to its lesser density and it can stretch even after you apply it, causing the load to shift.

Blown Stretch 

Blown films are more durable and tear-resistant than other types of stretch films. You can use such materials for wrapping objects with sharper edges. Blown films have higher memory as well, which enhances package security. However, these films are a little expensive and have low clarity.

Hand Stretch

Hand stretch wraps are often referred to as manual stretch wraps because they are applied manually by people. It is widely employed in smaller-scale packing processes. The weight of these films is minimal because they are designed with manual wrapping in mind. However, it is not the most efficient method for wrapping large pallets.

pallet wrapping supplies
pallet wrapping supplies

Machine Stretch

Wraps that are applied using stretch machines are known as machine stretch wraps. It is regarded as one of the best methods for wrapping pallets because a company can do pallet wrapping quickly and easily. This kind of stretch wrap helps you save time and money.

Pre-stretch Film

A pre-stretch film is a form of film that is stretched before being put on the products on the pallet. Sometimes it is applied to the load after being stretched to the point right before the breaking point. This film is frequently used in modest quantities since its coverage extends after stretching.

UVI Stretch Film

Several businesses require their product to be stored outside. In this case, UVI stretch films are significant. The films shield the products from UV damage. When wrapped loads are kept outside, the UVI film’s unique ultraviolet inhibitory additives protect against photo-degradation and stop the film from deteriorating.

Benefits of Pallet wrapping supplies

Prevents Damage

Moving products from one location to another might increase the probability of product damage. Pallet wrapping supplies enable businesses to wrap their goods securely, reducing the possibility that the products will shift during shipment and preventing product damage. It also helps in protecting the goods from elements such as dust and moisture. Stretch wrapping improves the security of your loads and lowers transportation damages.

Prevents Theft

Stretch wrap protects the goods stored on pallets by preventing theft. If the stretch wrap has been damaged or removed from a shipment, it will be much easier to discover any missing components. Additionally, you can prevent theft by concealing the nature of your goods with pallet wrapping supplies such as opaque stretch film.

Inventory Management

It also helps with inventory management because all the products are bundled together. It lessens the possibility of product separation or loss and makes counting inventory easy and fast. Additionally, pallet wrapping supplies such as clear stretch wraps simplify product scanning.

Enhance The Efficiency Of Handling

Pallets can be handled more effectively if wrapped with stretch rolls. Wraps make it simple to move the load from one place to another. If the pallets are packed with any pallet supplies, the forklifts can transport them effectively.

The Bottom Line

Pallet supplies come in various types, such as Cast Stretch, Blown Stretch, Hand Stretch, Machine Stretch and UVI Stretch. Pallet wrapping supplies aid in keeping boxes on a pallet intact. Additionally, it enables the safe and secure transportation of pallets from one place to another. As discussed in the article, these stretch films help firms in many ways. Therefore, every business must opt for these supplies to experience the benefits.

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