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Google’s video sharing channels are trying to adapt to social media in general and Google+ in particular. Now more than ever, it’s important to customize your YouTube channel and take advantage of the SEO benefits of your website.

YouTube’s latest redesign has made headlines like ‘YouTube Death’, but I think reports of the world’s third most popular site dying are premature! YouTube’s new design has created a cleaner look.

How to set up your new YouTube channel

To edit a channel, you need to click on one of the edit buttons that you see on your channel page. The Edit Channel button above allows you to choose an avatar and background image. The avatar should just be a square of you that looks good.

Do you have any other tabs besides the appearance tab in the channel editing settings? The other two tabs are called “Information and Settings” and “Recommended Tabs”.

In the “Recommended” tab, I selected the “Blogger” format, as it is most often seen.

In the “Info & Settings” tab, I chose the “Featured Videos” tab as the default tab. To show off my favorite videos when people come to my channel page. Check mark “I am always subscribed to the channel tab” and “Make my channel visible on YouTube”. Be sure to include your keyword in the title, description, and tag fields.

Click “Finish Editing” when finished.

New YouTube channel sidebar customization.

Another part of the channel page that you can edit is the new sidebar. And now there are several options for inserting links with anchor text (even if they are “nofollow” links).

Click the second button “Edit” to edit. Write a short summary under the channel title “About…” Insert as many links here as you can (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, your blog, etc.).

Here you can add other YouTube channels you own or choose to leave out other information like your age!

Link your YouTube channel to your Google+ profile.

YouTube is owned by Google, in case you didn’t already know, and Google is committed to integrating their services as much as possible. It’s a good idea to create an account with Google (if you don’t already have one).

Having an account with Google is similar to having a Google+ account, so make sure your Google+ profile is complete.

When editing your channel sidebar, remember to link your buy custom youtube comments channel to your Google+ profile. When you’re done, Google will know that your YouTube channel is linked to your blog. Therefore, it is related to the same power in both channels. This is very useful if you’ve had a website for years but haven’t done much with your YouTube channel.

Old YouTube channels are a thing of the past. There have been several attempts at what I like to call “the best of the best”. But so far YouTube has ignored the massive upload of hate videos. 1 constant stare and negative comment. In all the videos related to the new “beta channel”, as the designer of the YouTube channel, I was forced to work on what YouTube offered, and as a result, the author fired me. I think from the point of view of a designer who has been loyal to the channel for a long time, there is only chaos in this regard. Because the average consumer doesn’t know what good design is, and in other words, they’re afraid of change.

Take the time to sit down and explore what this new channel design might surprise you with! Many users complain that the new interface is too complicated. On the contrary, I’ve listed some time-saving methods, tweaks, and shortcuts that will help you design your YouTube channel in minutes.

The most obvious change is that you no longer need to dig into your account settings to update your channel design. All the tools you need will appear on your YouTube channel page. Other users will only see your channel. But you will find options. You can change the page.

Ability to edit “About Me” and your feed with all other “About Me” like “Music”, “Books” etc. You can edit directly from your channel page. No mining through account options! You’ll see an “Edit” text link in the “About Me” field, which allows you to quickly update information about yourself. Click here how important is social media marketing for small businesses.

Swap, Swap, Swap! Part of the new channel design allows users to switch channels from left to right or change them entirely.

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