How To Claim Extra Points For Australian Permanent Residency?

Permanent Residency

The Australian General Skilled Migration is designed for international applicants who plan to move to Australia permanently. If you are one of them, So you must make sure that you calculate the total points in advance to see whether or not you meet the eligibility criteria. You will also need to reach or cross the minimum required points under a specific visa to be eligible.

Completing a Professional Year Program can help you gain extra points, thus facilitating your permanent residency visa application process. This blog discusses how you can gain points not only through a PYP but also through other criteria.

How many points do you need to score in the points test?

A well structured and organised point-based system is available for three skilled migration visas, including:

  • First Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190
  • Second Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 489

For all these three visas, you will need to score at least 60 on the points test.

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A brief overview of the application

So If your EOI convinces the Australian Department of Home Affairs authorities, they will send you an invitation to apply for the visa. The more you score, the higher will be the chances of getting an invitation.

How Can A Professional Year Program Help You Gain Extra Points?

Completing a PYP will help you earn 5 additional points towards your Australian permanent residency. It is an organised, professional development course designed to help an international student gain practical knowledge and experience and develop various workplace communicative skills necessary to do a job in the Australian industrial sector. To enrol in a PYP, you should have studied for at least 2 years in Australia and have received your degree in either of the three disciplines – Engineering, Computer Science, and Accounting.

A PYP runs for 44 weeks, where students go through 32-week formal learning and a 12-week internship training in a workplace setting. For example, if you choose to do a PYP in Accounting, you will get the opportunity to do accounting internships in a relevant organisation.

If you complete a Professional Year Program from an Adelaide institute in the last 4 years, you will not only gain knowledge about Australian workplace culture but also become eligible to earn 5 additional points toward your permanent visa application.

How can other eligibility parameters help you achieve points for the points’ test?

Points are awarded against different eligibility criteria in a points’ test.


  • 25 points for applicants in the age range of 18-24
  • 30 points for applicants in the age range of 25-32
  • 25 points for applicants in the age range of 33-39
  • 15 points for applicants in the age range of 40-44

English language proficiency

  • 20 points for applicants having a Superior level of English (an overall band score of 8 or more in IELTS)
  • 10 points for applicants having a Proficient level of English (an overall band score of 7 or more in IELTS)
  • No points for applicants having a Competent level of English (an overall band score of 6 in IELTS)

Skilled employment

  • 8 to 10 years of working experience inside Australia will help you earn 20 points. Working for the same period outside Australia will help you achieve 15 points.
  • For 5 to 8 years of work inside and outside Australia, 15 and 10 points are awarded, respectively.
  • If you have worked for 3 to 5 years inside Australia, you will receive 10 points. so working for the same period overseas will award you 5 points.
  • For 1 to 3 years of work in Australia, you can get 5 points. However, the same work experience outside Australia will not give you any points.

Academic qualifications

  • An applicant with a Diploma or Trade Qualification will receive 10 points.
  • Having a Bachelor degree will help you gather 15 points.
  • The highest points of 20 will be possible if you have a Doctoral degree.

Australian study requirements

If you have received your diploma or trade qualification or degree from an Australian institute and meet other Australian study requirements, you will get 5 points for one or more degrees.

Study in a regional area in Australia

5 points will be awarded to you if you have stayed and studied in a regional or a low-population growth metropolitan area of Australia when receiving the invitation to apply.

Partner skill qualifications

Earning 5 points will be possible if your partner satisfies the following criteria:

  • Age
  • Relevant skills assessment for the nominated occupation; so make sure the occupation should be listed on the skilled occupations’ list same as yours.
  • English language proficiency

However, you must remember that you cannot achieve these points if your partner is an Australian PR or citizen and not included in the application.


So If an Australian territory or state government nominates you for Visa Subclass 190, you can earn 5 points. Remember that this condition is applicable for only the Visa Subclass 190.

Is there any other option to explore to earn additional points?

Apart from completing a Professional Year Program, So you can earn 5 additional points by appearing for a CCL (Credentialed Community Language) test introduced by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

The test aims at determining the ability of a candidate to interpret a conversation between two speakers speaking two different languages. Your job will be to interpret the dialogues from English to the other language and vice-versa.

You will have to score at least 63 marks in this assessment, with at least 29 out of 45 marks for each dialogue. Meeting this requirement will help you achieve 5 points.

Final words

If you want to enrol in a professional year program accounting in an Adelaide college, you must check the university’s website for specific details. For application-related guidance, you may consult any professional consultancy.

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