How to Easily Transfer Files from iPhone to PC

With features like HD video streaming and group sharing, the SHAREit app has reformed its look for its users, coming forth as an excellent digital content platform. As a result, people use the SHAREit app worldwide, with a perfect user base of 2.4 billion.  One of the most important benefits of the app is cross-platform file transfer. Users often face this problem when they use devices of different operating systems. Hence, one critical thing where nearly all users have faced challenges is with iPhone to PC file transfer.  

SHAREit counters these things by offering multiple features, including: 

  • You can use the app to transfer data at an excellent speed of 20 Mbps.
  • The SHAREit app can transfer your photos, videos, songs, documents, games, and apps.
  • SHAREit facilitates file transfer using WiFi Hotspot to connect the app wirelessly at a speed that is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • Apart from data transfer, you can also find tons of videos to watch on SHAREit and play mobile games without using your email or phone number to sign up.
  • Finally, with the SHAREit app, it is much easier to initiate transfer across devices of different operating systems. So, it is possible to transfer files from iPhone to PC

Setting up SHAREit

Here is how you can set up the process to use the SHAREit app to share files: 

Download the Shareit App: 

You can begin by visiting the App Store on your iOS device and looking for the SHAREit app. Once you locate the app on the app store, install it on your device and grant it the needed permissions. Similarly, download the app on your PC that you can find on the SHAREit website. Afterwards, please ensure that both the devices are connected, which you can by using the app. 

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Send Data from the Source Device: 

Launch the SHAREit App on your source device and tap on the “Send” feature to start the file transfer. This step will take you to your phone storage, where you can access whatever files or apps you plan to transfer. 

Receive Your Data on the Target Device: 

Similarly, you can launch the SHAREit App on your target device and tap on the “Receive” option. This step will enable search for the source phone that would be placed nearby. Once done, you can tap on the avatar and confirm the connection to start receiving files on your target phone.

By following this simple drill of the SHAREit app, you can easily use it to transfer files from your iPhone to your PC.

Popular Features of SHAREit

Group Sharing: 

This feature allows users to share data or apps with multiple SHAREit owners simultaneously. To use this feature on your device, one of the smartphone app owners will have to create a group first and then any other smartphone to join the group. 

Once connected, the files uploaded by the members can be instantly downloaded by the other members simultaneously. This feature is undoubtedly straightforward to share files because now there is no need to send files to many smartphones one by one. 

Gaming Centre: 

Along with sharing files, the SHAREit app also allows you to play the latest games on its Games Centre. You don’t have to register using your email or mobile number to download the games. With this feature, you can download any game you want to try and share them with your friends or family. The app also has a fully functional video player that can support HD videos and provide the users with an excellent viewing experience. You can watch the videos from SHAREit’s extensive content library. 

There you have it, and if you’ve ever wanted to transfer files from your iPhone to your computer, this article is for you. We hope you found the article helpful.

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