How to ensure your robotic systems are efficient and effective

How to ensure your robotic systems are efficient and effective

“Are robotic welding cells effective and cost-effective production methods?” is a common question in the sector. While most robot system manufacturers would undoubtedly state yes, this isn’t always the case.

The many variables of automation should be considered when answering the question of how to install a system correctly and swiftly.

Automation’s productivity benefits, including a greater work rate, cycle times, and continuous manufacturing, are well recognized. If this rise in labour rate is accompanied by improved health and safety standards for welders and operators as well as improved quality output product consistency and safety, the evidence suggests strongly that there will be a favourable response.

Who and how they will care for the robot system, software, electrical control system, services, maintains and upgrades the robots as needed appear to be the sticking point? This might include future changes to the robot programs, operational methodologies, tooling designs, and production processes.

Automation can be a very effective tool in terms of maximizing the yield from the root system, but it’s also important to have the right people in place to operate it. Engineers are being urged to improve and update their skill sets on a regular basis through Continuing Professional Development and training more frequently.

The improved administration of staff training and development has resulted in a decline in competent employees’ turnover as well as the assurance that they will get the most out of robotic systems in both the near and long-term future.

Advancing and updating the workforce’s skill sets related to the robotic system, such as recognizing individuals who want to program, edit, model, develop, design, maintain, and service it helps engineering companies get the most out of their robot welding systems. This increase in training fosters a more sophisticated engineering culture while also promoting system ownership.

Many manufacturing enterprises also embrace a learning mentality, and giving engineers and operators control and accountability over robotic systems allows them to make and implement changes in the manufacturing process that improves performance, growth, and profit.

Finally, robots may provide a highly efficient and effective manufacturing process by investing wisely in both hardware for the robotic system and personnel training.

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