How to Fix a Popup display at Trade Show

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Pop-up displays are getting popular in the trade show industry. Many major brands are going with pop-up displays due to their high-quality, eye-catching graphics, and affordable prices. They are emerging as a simple and highly portable exhibiting solution for exhibitors.

Whether you are displaying products or are advertising a new service, a pop-up stand can be of great use in your exhibition stand builders. It conveys your message in a creative way while standing out from the crowd. If you are using a popup stand in your display then you must know how to assemble these displays.  

We are here to guide you on how to assemble a popup display step by step, without using any tools. This process is so easy that you can do it all alone without any expert help.

Pull Out the Frame

A popup 10×10 trade show display has a frame structure and to install it you need to pull it from the base and stretch it until the parts click into place. Your frame is set when it can stand properly on its own.

Connect the Magnetic Bars

The popup display comes with magnetic bars to give strength to the frame structure and to attach your graphics to the trade show booth construction Los Angeles. Add the magnetic bars to each quadrant of the structure as per the graphics you want to include.

Unroll Your Graphics

The final look of your stand is determined by the way you attach the graphics. Keep in mind to start from the end of the popup display and then unroll your graphics to their full length slowly. Try not to leave any space or wrinkles at the bottom as it will not look good.

Secure the Graphics

Secure or hook your graphics to the frame. Ensure that they cover the entire frame and no panels are visible from any side.

Fix Lights

It is advised to use lights to draw visitors’ attention to your display. If you are already using them then it is time to attach them according to the design of your stand. While selecting the type of lights of your stand ensure that they add to the look of your display and do not ruin it. Avoid using very bright lights that can irritate the eyes of visitors.

Add Accessories

Apart from lights, you can also add a few accessories to your popup display including counters, lightweight monitors, or shelves. It is better to consult with your booth designer before adding an accessory to your display. They can tell you better what accessories can go with your popup display and whether it can take the weight of those accessories or not. Also, try not to overcrowd your stand.

Repeat the Process for Other Displays

This is an optional step and only applies in case you are using several popup displays. If you want to form a wall of popup displays by lining them up then repeat the same process for each stand. Set up your stands in an appropriate way to ensure that your message is complimentary.

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