How To Get A Nursery License?

cannabis Nursery license permit service

Although there is plenty of room for growth in the cannabis industry, the license for a cannabis nursery stands out from the crowd. However, nurseries are where it all begins. Cultivation is a significant portion of the cannabis market. The best genetics, robust and healthy beginning plants, and strains are what growers seek. Additionally, specific permits are needed for nurseries for them to run and supply cultivators. Let’s examine in this blog how to obtain a cannabis Nursery license permit service.

Who requires a nursery license?

In Maine, a license to sell nursery stock is required for any company or person who wants to sell plants.

  • No license is necessary for businesses selling cut flowers or Christmas trees.
  • A license must be obtained for each location where nursery stock is sold; a single business with multiple outlets will require numerous nursery licenses.
  • A $500 fine could be imposed on companies that are found to be selling plants without a license.

Licensing Procedure

  • When a license expires, it must be renewed in January for the following year.
  • At the end of November, current license holders get applications for renewal licenses via mail.
  • Complete an application and submit it with the necessary license cost to apply for a permit.

License Fees

  • Most companies charge $25 for each license (sales location).
  • For certain small enterprises (those that sell less than $500 in plant material annually AND have less than 150 SqFt of retail sales area), the licensing (sales location) fee is $5.
  • The licensing process and associated fees are waived for educational institutions (schools) that sell plants.


Assuring that plants are sold to consumers in a healthy state by inspecting plants before they are put up for sale helps to stop the spread of pests that can quickly move from one place to another on plant material.

  • There are inspections at all plant-selling establishments.
  • Although inspections may be carried out more or less frequently, most businesses are subject to annual reviews.

The growing and sales area is inspected by horticulture staff to look for the following:

  • Environmental issues
  • Diseases
  • Insects

The inspector completes an inspection report and discusses it with the owner or grower to address and discuss any areas of concern and to provide any additional information needed, such as assistance identifying a pest or comprehending a regulation. The horticulture team’s knowledge base is extensive, and they are happy to impart it to growers to help them optimize their operations.


You need a license from the Office of Cannabis Policy to grow and sell marijuana for medical or adult use. First, you should know What is a cannabis micro-cultivation license. Producing and selling cannabis plants for medical or adult use is currently not subject to the requirement of a nursery license.

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