How to say Blue in 10 Different Languages

say Blue in 10 Different Languages

Our article presents ten words used for blue in different languages to describe the color blue. Without sight, we cannot experience our world. Colour has a very close relationship with sight.

A century ago, the human experience of color was far less significant. Ancient Greek texts contained a variety of strange descriptions of color. Blue did not appear in any of them. The author refers to the sea as “dark” rather than dark blue.

Saying Blue in 10 Languages

Blue in Albanina

Blue is called “blu” by Albanian speakers. In other words, albanian blue is simply blue without the letter “e”.

Blue in Bulgarian

Bulgarians use the word “син” for Blue. This word sounds like “sin”

Blue in Dutch

The Dutch word for blue color is “Blauw” and it sounds like “Blaoo”.

Blue in French

Blue color is referred to by these two words in French. The first one will be “Bleue”, and the second one will be “Blue”. Both words sounds like “ Blu”

Blue in Vietnamese

In writing and speaking, different languages like Vietnamese and Igbo have tough words. For example, saying blue in Vietnamese is difficult for speakers of English. “Màu xanh d**ng” is the word.

It is a long word “màu xanh dương” for just four letters “blue” and its pronunciation is also difficult. Listening to its sound on Google makes me think of “mou zang zua”

This website translate word blue in different languages. There are many other difficult words for blue in different languages, as there are for blue. We have only discussed Vietnamese in this article.

Blue in Italian

“Blu” is the Italian word for blue, just as we would say it in English.

Blue in Portuguese

In Portuguese, the word used in writing and speaking for blue color is different. It is “azul” when you write which sounds like “aazu”. As a result, we have noted that the letter “l” is silent in sound.

Blue in Russian

Russian also has a totally different word for blue like Portuguese. “синий” is the Russian word for blue. If you want to say blue in Russian, you have to use “синий”

Blue in Hindi

The word blue in Hindi is “नीला”, which sounds like “neela”. One thing to note is that many words in Hindi and Urdu sound similar. The writing is different, but the sound is the same. Blue sounds the same.

Blue in Persian

Blue is called “آبی” in Persian, and it is pronounced like “aabi”

Let’s talk about color now.

History of Blue Color

After digging deeper into the history of blue, historians found that the word “blue” did not exist in Greek times. There is barely any difference between shades of this color and white, light, and dark.

It was simply too insignificant to warrant a word describing it. As the English language developed, blue took a back seat to other colors.

White and black were traditionally the first English language colour words. Red, a color associated with wine and blood, followed by yellow and finally green. Finally, blue appeared.

Humans first recognized blue as a color when they started manufacturing blue pigments. Since blue is virtually nonexistent in nature, there are no blue shades in cave paintings from 20,000 years ago.

Around 6,000 years ago, humans developed blue pigments. Lapis, a semiprecious stone mined in Afghanistan, was valued by ancient Egyptians. The mineral’s color was highly valued.

The pigments are made from lapis lazuli, a precious gemstone. Egypt became associated with the word “blue” during this time.

The Egyptians contributed blue dye to the Persians, They were passed on to them by the Mesoamericans and Romans over time.

Because these dyes were expensive, only royalty could afford them. It took many centuries for blue to gain its own name in various languages despite its rarity.

It took less than a decade for a new shade of blue to be discovered. You may not know that over 5000 people search the word blue in different languages to gain knowledge.

During his exploration of new materials for electronics manufacturing, Smith discovered that one of his samples turned blue when heated.

The shade discovered was called YInMn. American and European surveys show that blue is associated with peace, loyalty, confidence, distance, infinity, imagination, cold, and sometimes sadness.

Among the men picked and tested, it is the most preferred color. According to the same surveys, blue is the most connected colour to men and is the colour of intellect, intelligence, coolness, and concentration. It is one of the most popular colors for both men and women when it comes to dressing.

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