How to Train Construction in RuneScape: A Guide

Construction is a skill in the popular MMORPG game RuneScape that allows players to build and decorate their own houses and other structures. It is one of the more unique skills in the game, as it allows players to personalize their game experience and create their own unique homes.

Getting Started

To start training Osrs Construction Calc, players will first need to purchase a house. This can be done by speaking to an Estate Agent, who can be found in major cities such as Varrock, Falador, and East Ardougne. Once the player has a house, they can begin to train Construction by building and removing various furniture items.

Building Furniture

Building furniture is the primary method of training Construction. To build furniture, players will need to purchase construction materials, such as planks, nails, and bolts of cloth, from the sawmill operator located in the city of Varrock. Once the player has the necessary materials, they can use them to build furniture items in their house. The experience gained from building furniture will vary based on the level of the player and the complexity of the item being built.

Decorating the House

In addition to building furniture, players can also train Construction by decorating their houses with various items. Decorating the house provides a small amount of experience, but it can be a fun way to personalize the player’s home and make it unique.

Training with Friends

Construction can also be trained with friends by building and decorating each other’s houses. This can make the training process more enjoyable and provide an opportunity to interact with other players in the game.

Using Boosts

There are various in-game items that can provide bonuses to the player’s Construction level, such as spicy stews and construction potions. These items can be used to temporarily boost the player’s Construction level, allowing them to train more efficiently.


Construction is a unique and fun skill in RuneScape that allows players to create their own homes and personalize their game experience. Training the skill can be done by building furniture, decorating the house, training with friends, and using in-game boosts. With dedication and effort, players can reach a high level in Construction and enjoy the benefits it provides in the game.

Niazi Pathan