How to Wash Denim Jacket with Patches?

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While all the other clothing items are fairly easy to wash, doing laundry with a denim jacket with patches is tricky. It is vital to learn to wash a denim blazer with patches properly. Otherwise, you may end up ruining a favourite item in your wardrobe. Those who own a denim coat hold it close to their heart as it can be worn throughout the year, regardless of the season. 

A denim jacket with patches proves valuable on various occasions, formal and informal. You can implement several methods to rid your favourite jacket of stains, dirt, and unwanted spots. However, you have to see if the patches on your jeans coat are sewed or glued. 

If the patches are glued, avoid putting the jacket in a washing machine, or the outcome would not be favourable. You can clean a denim jacket with glued patches by hand washing techniques. Make a mixture of cold water and detergent and soak the coat in it. You can rinse the denim coat in cold water afterward before leaving it out to dry. 

Let’s talk more about how to wash a denim jacket with patches

When To Use a Washing Machine? 

Firstly, you can put it in a washing machine if the stains are not getting out by hand washing methods. Make sure your jacket has sewn patches. Moreover, you cannot use detergents with too many chemicals to ruin the fabric. Use a simple detergent and let the machine run for a couple of minutes. Take the coat out of the device, rinse it with water, and hang it somewhere to dry. 

Flip Your Jacket Before Putting It in The Machine 

Turn the denim coat inside out before putting it in the washing machine. It will ensure all the patches remain intact and the inner areas of the coat are thoroughly cleaned. This technique will also increase your favourite denim coat’s life to a great extent. It will keep the fabric from fading while ensuring smooth and natural texture. 

Cold Wash 

Another crucial factor to note here is that using warm water to clean your denim blazer will not end well. Why? It causes denim to shrink. This means you will not be able to wear it again as it will not fit your body anymore. It also fades the colour of denim. Therefore, always use cold water. 

Get A Lint Roller 

Denim coat owners realize that their garments can get lint with time. Investing in a lint roller is indeed going to prove helpful. It helps in removing dirt, dust, and lint effectively. All you have to do is use a lint roller on your denim coat and get it free from all the unwanted untidiness. This is a good way of avoiding frequent washes, allowing you to save a significant amount of your precious time. 


Here’s one of the oldest garment cleaning methods in the book. All it requires you to do is make a mixture with a mild, natural detergent and cold water while soaking the jacket in it. You have to leave the denim coat in the mix for at least an hour to clean all the dirt thoroughly. The next step is to gently rub the stained areas of the jacket with your hands. Finally, rinse the jacket with cold water and dry it aside. 

Spot Cleaning 

This technique comes in handy when you end up dropping ketchup or other condiments on your jacket while eating. Running to throw your jacket in the washing machine for such small stains is not wise. It would be a good waste of electricity and time. Instead, use a soap-soaked cloth to rub the stained area in circular motions gently. 

Important Guidelines to Consider 

  • As mentioned earlier, don’t use detergents with too many chemicals to keep the fabric from losing its natural colour and texture. 
  • You can hang the denim blazer close to the shower during bathing. The steamy vapours allow the fabric to swell, keeping it fresher for longer periods. 
  • Avoid putting your favourite denim coats in the dryer after washing, as it has adverse effects on the fabric.
  • Do not use hangers as they leave indents near the shoulders and collar of the coat.
  • You can put your jacket out to dry on a straight wire. Putting it on an old towel to let it flat dry is also advisable. 
  • Do not use a brush to wash the jacket because it will destroy the entire texture of the denim. 
  • Make sure not to use dry cleaning services as it would only cost you money without any fruitful outcomes. 

Final Words 

Keeping all the information mentioned above in mind while washing a denim coat with patches is undoubtedly going to prove useful. Those who don’t own a denim blazer can easily buy one from an online clothing store that sells garments, like shirts for men, jeans, jackets, hoodies, etc. A denim jacket with patches does not require washes very often. It is safe to say that each cleaning technique discussed above comes in handy in varying situations.   

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