How Working Women are multiplying their Money with Bajaj Finance FD?

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The very idea of multiplying money stems from securing the future financial position. While the majority of the people feel a need for this sense of security, it is the working women that eye it most dearly. Having defied societal gender norms, it is with great determination that they choose to work. Work in environments that have the gender wage gap and sexual remarks as something that comes as a part of their job. Along with this comes the challenge of juggling between being a homemaker and working professional. The reason it is imperative to understand this status quo is to emphasise the importance of financial security for them. 

This is where Fixed Deposits emerge as the ideal alternative for them. As an investment option, they not only provide stability and security but also better than average returns. In the current financial setup, FDs are offered by banks, post offices and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).

However, the FD for women should be a corporate FD. An accurate example would be Bajaj Finance FD. Following are the features and benefits to justify why for women to multiply their money, Bajaj Finance is the solution. 

Features of Bajaj Finance FD

  • Tenor: The minimum tenor is 1 year and maximum term is 5 years 
  • Interest Rates: Between 5.65 and 6.75%
  • Deposit: A minimum of Rs 25,000 only is required
  • Online Payment Options: Both, Unique Payment Interface (UPI) and Net-banking options are available 
  • Unique Selling Point: The entire process from end to end is paperless, thus it can be done from the safety of your home

Benefits of Bajaj Finance FD

High Interest Rates:

At Bajaj Finance, you receive a very attractive interest rate of 6.50% which increases to 6.75% if you are eyeing an FD for a Senior Citizen (60 years of age or more). Considering the wage gap may come up as a problem for retired working women, these rates solve that problem to a great extent. For women working presently too, it is these rates that are a notch higher than the market which increase security. 

Special offers to Senior Citizens:

Along with a higher interest rate senior citizens can also opt for periodic pay-outs to provide for their general expenses that arise at their age. This comes as an added incentive for retired women to choose Bajaj FD, who need financial security. 

Benefits to Pravasi Bhartiyas (NRIs):

For Non-Residential Indians (NRIs), Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (POIs); the FDs at Bajaj Finance are a great option. With an NRO account, they can choose between tenors of 12 and 36 months. The interest rates are the same for them including the additional benefits given to Senior Citizens. This can be essential for old women that are returning to India after retiring from foreign companies.

Systematic Plan for Depositors:

The Systematic Deposit Plans (SDPs) launched by Bajaj allows people to make deposits at regular intervals, keeping in mind the uncertain availability of funds. In this, the tenor still remains between 12 and 60 months. Depositors can choose between 6 to 48, for the number of deposits they’d make in a month. For the maturity, they have an option to choose a single date or a monthly maturity scheme.

This way they can ascertain long term goals and distinguish them from short term goals while making a decision. This is by far the primary reason why women must choose Bajaj Finance. Working women would prefer to keep aside money for their child’s future and larger household purchases. 

High Credibility and Stability:

Bajaj Finance is a safe option for FDs and any other investment instruments, because irrespective of the risk involved, that you look at. It have accredited with the highest ratings of CRISIL’s FAAA and ICRA’s MAAA, ensuring your money and funds are safe. 

Flexible Time Frames:

By having a wide range of tenors between 12 and 60 months, you can plan finances to generate higher cash inflows as per your requirements.  

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate Calculator:

Imagine if you could actually see the future, sounds great right? With this tool offered by Bajaj Finance, you can know the exact returns even before investing. Hence, by factoring in the tenor and principal amount, this tool provides for a well-informed decision.  

Smaller Minimum Deposit:

With a minimum amount of only Rs 25,000 you can start investing in FDs, at an early stage without being forced to accumulate a larger set of funds. 

Digitalized Application Process:

At Bajaj, it is the CKYC (Central Know Your Customer) which ensures transparency and quick procedures. And it is essentially a verified number that has all your general details and prevents the filling of several physical forms. This application process prevents you from the hassle of page long documents and even longer queues.

Because It allows you to browse the best rates from the safety of your homes while completing the entire process digitally. When women are busy at work this feature is a boon for them. The benefit of CKYC ensures a speedy option by preventing repetition of documentation each time an account is opened. 

Therefore, Bajaj Finance FD is the best option for today’s working women to multiply their money. 

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