How You Can Use Social Media To Find the Right Home

How You Can Use Social Media To Find the Right Home

Social media is slowly becoming the backbone of modern society. One rising trend that you can tap into is using social media to pinpoint the best home for you. Some businesses can flourish in a small social presence. The significance of social media cannot be overstated in real estate. There are several methods you can employ to achieve this, and they have been discussed below.

Follow Agents

One of the most common and straightforward methods is following agents’ accounts. It is always a great idea to follow agents on your favorite sites. Most real estate agents have active social media accounts, and they post on them regularly.

In their posts, you can get relevant information on the upcoming homes and showings. The agents keep their clients posted on these accounts, and this will help you be in the know-how of all real estate matters.

Following agents near you will make you more aware of your local market. You can see all the posts from the agents at any time of the day. If a new house pops up within the neighborhood, you will be among the first to know. Even your friends can get this information from you.

You can also use social media to find the best agent in your area and get even more reliable information. Some of the common platforms that you can reach out to agents include:

  • Facebook

Facebook is an ideal platform since it caters to everyone of any age. There are also Facebook ads that agents use to connect to specific buyers in certain areas.

  • Instagram 

The platform is helping many businesses to show off their commodities visually. This social media platform is perfect for real estate agents who have homes to show. The agents use Instagram to post their listings and stylish photos.

There are also Instagram stories that provide quick virtual tours in some property rooms. The agents also offer new listings and fun neighborhood tours in Instagram stories.

  • LinkedIn

 LinkedIn is essentially a business-to-business network, but it’s also a fantastic place to highlight your resume.

Following Listings

House listings are another thing you could keep track of using social media. You can follow some of the biggest real estate websites if you are interested in buying a house. When a new home is added to the market, these websites will only mention them on their pages to generate more traffic.

Following major websites will keep you ahead of the competition as you will be able to seize on the opportunity before others. The websites are also quick to update their pages in case of a discount offer and following them will increase your chances of securing such listings.

Following Sellers

In some cases, consumers might sell their houses without the intervention of a real estate agent. Although it can be quite challenging, some have achieved it at very cost-friendly prices.

With such exceptions, it is pertinent to always check for the properties that the house owner is selling. You can achieve this by following such accounts on social media. You will be able to receive the information sooner and re-evaluate your options.

Another popular way of finding such accounts is by searching for hashtags. Hashtags are common on many social media platforms, and you can find newer posts by searching for specific hashtags. One such hashtag is #real estate which is commonly used by people selling their property.

Technology is rapidly changing. The same can be said about real estate, and more techniques are coming up to adapt to the latest trends. The real estate market might soon transition into a buyer’s market, such as in Texas a&m off-campus housing.


Social media is one of the biggest things in real estate today. It brings together buyers and sellers in a unique way. Depending on your needs, you can follow agents, properties, and sellers on various platforms. You will get reminders on sale prices and upcoming events in real estate.