Huawei Unveils Smart Device for Smart Office Scenario and Releases Multiple Smart Office PC Products

Huawei Unveils Smart Device for Smart Office Scenario and Releases Multiple Smart Office PC Products

At the HUAWEI Spring 2022 brilliant office presentation, Huawei Consumer Business Group today announced the launch of seven new products, including the smart device, latest flagship laptop, the first all-in-one, the new 2-in-1 laptop, the first E-Ink tablet, the new Harmony OS tablet, the first a company printer and a new portable speaker. Huawei announced these releases as part of a broader program to make smart offices and provide new experiences to consumers globally.

Smart device, super creativity: creating a new smart office

Huawei created the super and smart device concept that is used today. In 2018, Huawei first introduced the One Hop feature for connecting and sharing files between Huawei phones and PCs. In 2020, the company also released a multi-screen collaboration feature that allows you to display your phone as a window on your connected computer or tablet. Then in 2021, it allowed Huawei PCs, smartphones, tablets and smart screens to come together as a super device to work together more effectively. One device can be connected to another by dragging their icons together forming a super device system. This allows each device to function as a single unit so that their capabilities and resources can be shared.

Designed specifically for consumers with mobile office needs, the Huawei Mate Book E combines the advantages of traditional laptops and tablets to meet different needs as its form factor can be freely changed. As a result of its high-performance capabilities and superb audio-visual capabilities, it has become the new choice for productive work in any scenario, be it work or school.

The HUAWEI Mate Book E is extremely thin at 7.99 mm and as light as the 709 g5, making it a lightweight 2-in-1 portable laptop. This is the world’s first Huawei laptop with a Real Color Full View OLED display, featuring a cinematic wide color gamut, professional color accuracy, and peak screen brightness up to 600 units for stable performance even in bright sunlight. Combined with a rich ecosystem of Windows apps and peripherals such as HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd generation) and HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard, HUAWEI Mate Book E helps users to work more efficiently wherever they are, making it the best choice for everyday mobile work.

HUAWEI Mate Station X, All-in-One with Real Color Full View Display, serves as a minimal desktop connection hub

Huawei’s first all-in-one desktop computer, the HUAWEI Mate Station X, features a minimalist aesthetic design with no visible ports on the back. With a unique dynamic hinge design, users can easily adjust the screen angle with just one finger, allowing them to focus on productive creativity.

Featuring a 4K+ display, the HUAWEI Mate Station X exhibits ΔE ≤ 1 color accuracy. With a large 28.2-inch screen, HUAWEI Mate Station X features four narrow bezels and a 92%3 screen-to-screen ratio, offering users a borderless experience. It also features an anti-glare layer and supports 10-point multi-touch for superior viewing experience while delivering high performance and outstanding sound quality. Both home and office use is possible with the Huawei Mate Station X.

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