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The Canon MX490 printer is known as the all-in-one printer for the various functionalities it offers such as scan, print, fax, and wireless connectivity. However, in order to fully utilize these functions, users are required to download its Driver and Sofware.
If you’re looking to download the Canon MX490 driver/software without putting your system safety at risk then we can help.
In this informative post, we’ll explore the safe and appropriate procedure to quickly download the ij.start.cannon MX490 driver without causing any harm to your system.
However, prior to downloading the driver/software, it is recommended that you set up your Canon MX490 appropriately for an uninterrupted process. So, let’s begin

Setting Up The Canon MX490 For Driver/Software Download

Having the Canon MX490 printer configured not only saves user time but also helps diagnose any unforeseen issue.
Therefore, go through the steps discussed below prior to downloading the Software/Driver of your Pixma MX490 Printer via ij.start.cannon or Compact Disk.
1: Configuring Hardware – The very first step in setting up the canon pixma mx490 printer is to unbox the printer while ensuring that all the items are safe and in working conditions.
Thereafter, remove all the packaging tapes from the printer and its items and examine if all the items that were mentioned while purchasing the printer are there.
The next step is to lay down the printer on a flat empty surface near a working power outlet.

2: Turning The Canon Printer “On” -After configuring the Canon Printer Hardware, take out the power cord from your Printer’s box and connect it’s one side with the printer and the other one to the power outlet.
Now, ensure to turn the power outlet “On” and then gently tap the “Power” icon on your printer. Thereafter, press the “Power” button of your printer and wait till the led of your printer blinks and the printer make operating noise.

3: Installing The Ink Cartridge – After switching your printer “On”, open the printer’s lid. Thereafter, you’ll discover that the ink cartridges slots are moving and it will stop after stopping in the appropriate place.
Now, you must take the ink cartridges out from the box and ensure there are no remaining orange tapes or protective films are left. Afterwards, carefully fit the ink cartridges in their respective slots and then close the printer’s lid.

4: Fit The Paper Tray – After completion of the above steps, finish the setup process of the Canon MX 490 printer by fitting the paper tray appropriately and thereafter, insert some compatible papers into the tray for printing a test page.
Now that the setup of Canon MX490 is complete, have a quick look at the compatible OS for Canon MX490 Driver/Software Download.

OS Compatibility For Canon MX490 Driver/Software

In case your system matches with any of the below-mentioned OS, you are eligible to download the Canon MX490 Printer/software via either ij.start.cannon or from the CD that you received.

Windows OS:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32, 64-bit)
  • Win Vista (32, 64-bit)
  • Windows XP (32-bit)

Mac OS:

  • MAC OS Catalina 10.15.x, Mojave 10.14.x
  • High Sierra 10.13.x, Sierra 10.12.x
  • El Capitan 10.11.x, Yosemite 10.10.x
  • Mavericks 10.9.x, Mountain Lion 10.8.
  • Lion 10.7.x

Linux OS (32-64 Bit):

  • Debian, SUSE Linux, Linux Mint
  • Boss, Red Hat Enterprise
  • Cent, Fedora, Ubuntu os

Procedure To Download The Canon MX490 Driver And Software

After ensuring all the requirements for the Canon MX490 printer, let’s explore the methods that are safe and appropriate for the MX490 driver and software.

Procedure 1: Via Canon’s Official Website

  • At first, ensure if you’re your system has connected to stable internet.
  • Afterwards, launch ij.start.cannon website.
  • Now, type “MX490” in the “Enter Printer Model” box.
  • Thereafter, click “Search”.
  • Now, you’ll be redirected to the driver download page.
  • Ensure if there is “Windows” written on the screen while downloading the driver.
  • Afterwards, hit “Download”.
  • Finally, the driver is downloaded to your system. Thereafter launch the setup and follow on-screen directions to finish the installation.

Procedure 2: Via Compact Disk

  • At events when users can’t access the internet, using a setup CD for downloading the Canon Pixma MX490 driver/software is the best option.
  • At first, ensure if your CD ROM works properly.
  • Afterwards, insert the Printer setup CD into the CD ROM.
  • Wait till the system scan your CD and till then visit “My Computer”.
  • Locate and right-tap “CD: Drive”.
  • Thereafter, tap “Open”.
  • Now, you can select the software/driver files from the list.
  • Right-tap on selected files and use “Copy”.
  • Next, navigate to desktop then tap-right and hit “Paste”.

Download The Canon MX490 Driver And Software On MAC

Do not confuse the download process of Canon MX490 Driver/Software for Mac exactly the same as Windows.
These are the required steps for downloading the software/driver of MX490 for MAC:

  • Visit Ij.start.cannon on your MAC.
  • Add “MX490” for the Printer name.
  • Now, ensure that the “OS” mentioned on the upper-right side is displaying MAC.
  • Finally, hit “Download”.

Now, the MX490 Driver/software is successfully downloaded on the MAC and you can install it by launching the setup and performing all the guidelines given by the installation wizard.

Wrapping Up
We believe this post helped you download the Canon Pixma MX490 driver and software. The valuable content provided to your regarding the MX490 driver is gathered from our trustworthy sources.
Furthermore, the above-mentioned procedures are tested and effective for downloading the Driver/Software of Canon MX490 in a quick and secure way. Ypu can also know about wireless headsets mistakes

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