Important: Never Vape Too Much!

Vaping Impact On Teenage-Girls and Boys!

Your body is fragile and cannot tolerate anything that is beyond its capacity. Suppose you are a chocolate lover and like collecting different brands of chocolates, but do you eat them all at once? No, definitely not, because you know it’s not correct. Eating a single chocolate a day would not cost you much. However, if you start eating several chocolates concurrently, you would never imagine the amount of vandalism it does to your health.

Never Overdo Vaping!

When you increase the intake of anything, the consequences will worsen. Whether it’s about food products or vaping, overdoing can cause you much harm. Vaping has taken the world by storm. One of the major reasons behind the success of vaping is its contents do not include tobacco_ a much detrimental chemical.

Vapes were originally created for smokers who wanted to quit their smoking habit. These devices have helped thousands of people in smoking quitting. Studies have found that smokers declined from 5% in 2018 to 3% in 2021_ a record low.

Vape devices, especially disposable vapes, conveniently help people in smoking quitting. However, people who have constantly been misusing their vapes or utilising inappropriate ingredients in e-juices are at a surge risk.

A vape device itself is not dangerous, and if you use it correctly, it won’t do much harm. Somehow, these teenagers do not understand this, and they are just misusing their devices.

Teenagers’ Vaping Is Not Permissible In The UK:

Firstly in England, you cannot vape if you are not 18 or 18+. However, if you are not 18 and you are using vape devices, make sure to use them under some guidance.

Vaping has a great impact on teenagers. Evidence shows that one in five 15-year-old girls in the UK are using vapes. These vapes can be disposable or rechargeable. The use of these devices has doubled among 15-years old girls since 2018.

Why Girls Get Attractive To Colourful Vapes:

One of the primary reasons behind this increase is because the devices have enchanting style, alluring appearance and vibrant colours

Girls always get attracted to aesthetic things, and right now, there is nothing as appealing and aesthetic as vapes. It is complicated to explain to girls that vapes are not like makeup and that there is no need to collect them.

Just use a single device, let its e-liquid get finished or battery die, and then pick another device! If girls wants to start the vaping so you must try apple e liquid ,bubblegum e liquid ,E liquid. Because the basic composition is pretty much similar to other e-liquids and it is available in various amounts of Nic shots 10,20 mg and bottle sizes of 20 and 100ml.

Teenager’s Obsession With Vaping:

Although vaping is not permissible for people below age 18, teenagers still do it. Vaping impacts girls much less than cigarettes. Cigarette addiction is much worse than vaping. However, it would be better for you to take a keen eye on your child’s activity.

It is hard to explain to teenagers why they must use a vape device adequately and not frequently. Not because they are not sensible but because they are never home! You can hardly see any teenagers at home, they are either in their schools, at their friend’s place or probably partying with their mates.

They listen to their friends more than their parents. As they are always in the company of their friends, it’s sometimes hard to explain to them why they should avoid certain things. However, for your kid’s betterment, you must take precautionary steps.


Teenagers should avoid vaping because the devices are clearly not created for them. Although the devices are less harmful than cigarettes, it is still better not to use them. If you are not a smoker, it is better for you to avoid vaping. However, if you are a smoker and you find smoking quitting hard, you must opt for disposable vapes.

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