Tips to Increase Event Attendance and Social Interactions

Increase Event Attendance

The global pandemic has made virtual events a new normal in the event industry, making it important to develop effective marketing strategies for increasing attendance in online events. Although there are many ways to increase attendance at your virtual events, this article covers some of the most effective tips on ‘how to increase participation in online events.’ 

How to increase virtual event attendance?

Are you wondering how to increase attendance at virtual events? Given below are some tips to increase participation in your online event and make it successful. 

Give reward for referrals

You can start a referral campaign and reward the attendees who spread the word among their friends and bring along more attendees. You can encourage people to bring their friends, colleagues, family, business partners, or others with similar interests to the virtual event. 

Use social media marketing

Promote your virtual event on various social media platforms. Create dedicated event pages for your event and post relevant and high-quality content regularly. Give your audience a sneak peek into the event with the help of images, short videos, and blogs. 

Create an awesome event landing page

An event landing page is your first point of contact with your audience. Make sure it provides them with an overview of your event and what they can expect from it. Provide them with detailed information about the event and the topic it will address. Make sure you use simple and easy language to communicate with your audience to improve the user experience. Include the date and time of your event along with the event registration link on your landing page. 

Onboard a celebrity guest speaker

You can onboard a celebrity performer or an industry expert as a guest speaker. You can ask the speaker or the performer to promote the event on his social media accounts. This will help attract a lot of attendees. Getting a good speaker onboard can also help keep the engagement levels high during the event. 

Create pre-event hype on social media

Creating pre-event hype is one of the best ways to attract people and encourage them to attend the event. You can announce giveaways or build suspense around the virtual event. You can pique the audience’s interest by keeping the name of a celebrity speaker or performer in suspense. This will help create the much-needed hype for your virtual event and attract more and more people to attend the event. You can also conduct polls or surveys on social media to understand the interests and preferences of the audience. 

Create an effective email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a very powerful tool that can help you attract more participants. Make sure your emails add value to the reader and provide them with event-specific information. Write a very catchy subject line to get the reader interested in the content of the email. You can add memes or other interactive content to attract more people. You can use personalized CTA’s and offers to induce the readers to register for the event. Make sure you analyze the email campaign at regular intervals to find out the engagement levels. Don’t forget to add the event registration link within the email and also add social share buttons to encourage people to share it on their social media accounts. 

Interact with potential attendees

Use social media and your website to interact with the potential attendees. Get in conversation with the speakers of your event and Livestream it. You can use this opportunity to connect with your potential attendees in the chat window. You can also conduct polls, quizzes, and surveys to get in contact with your audience. Asking for their opinions will make them feel valued and induce them to register for the event. 

Impose charges for No-show

Many people register for the event but are absent on the day of the actual event. You can consider imposing a no-show charge. Make sure you inform the registrants about this beforehand. This charge should be collected at the time of registration and refunded when the attendee shows up for the event. This will help ensure that the registrants do not skip the event without any genuine reason. 

Send a bag full of goodies

Sending a physical giveaway or a box full of goodies can help attract people to the event and create hype around your event. This can help add a personal or physical touch to the event, improving the experience. Rather than sending a goodie bag to all your attendees, you can also conduct a social media campaign and reward the winners. 

Break down the event into small sessions 

While promoting your event online, mention that the attendees would not have to sit for long hours at a stretch as the event is divided into small sessions. You can mention this in your email newsletters and your website landing page. This will help reduce the attendee drop-off rate and induce more people to register for your event. 

Share the event itinerary beforehand

Create an itinerary of the event and share it with your attendees via email. You can also share your event itinerary on your website landing page. This will help keep people informed about the topics and activities that will take place at the event. This will help attract people having similar interests. 

Use virtual photo booth and social wall

Look for a virtual event platform that provides features like virtual photo booths and a social wall. You can ask the attendees to post the pictures on their social media accounts with event-specific hashtags to boost social interaction. You can also display the social media posts having the event hashtags on your social wall to help people keep informed about the event. This will help improve social interactions. 

Organize the Event

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Summing Up

Increasing attendance for your virtual event is not an overnight task and requires a lot of marketing and promotion. If you are new to the world of virtual events and live streaming, the tips mentioned above will come in handy to make your next online event a success. 

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