Insurance for impounded vehicle- Release my vehicle

insurance for impounded vehicle

Having your vehicle impounded by the police is a major discomfort and can be costly. We are working with a number of specialist insurance providers who understands your requirements to provide you with the coverage required to get your impounded vehicle back on the road as early as possible. Get an insurance quote quickly from us today.

Why Release my vehicle for impounded vehicle insurance?

We are the experts in insurance policies for drivers who might be turned away from other insurance providers. We have got a committed team of insurance providers who have dealt with lots of different situations and we pride ourselves on making critical situations just a bit easier.

If your vehicle has been impounded and you need help getting the needed insurance coverage to get it out of impound, contact us right now.

Why do vehicles get impounded by the police?

Often, vehicles are impounded by the police as a way of clamping down on uninsured vehicles on the road. The police can quickly identify drivers that are not insured by using their database system. If the system flags your vehicle and it becomes proof you are not covered, it can be impounded.

You can also get your vehicle impounded by the police for a number of other reasons including an invalid driving license, invalid insurance, or parking your vehicle dangerously or illegally.

What happens to impounded vehicles?

A vehicle will be impounded and the registered owner then generally has 14 days to reclaim the vehicle. To do so, the registered owner will have to present proof that they have a valid insurance policy that covers impounded vehicles. If you have not contacted the police within 14 days then they are entitled to assume you will not be releasing the vehicle and scrapped the vehicle.

In some situations, you may be able to arrange for the vehicle to be kept impounded for collection later. Than 14 days at the discretion of the impound and in special situations.

How can you release an impounded vehicle?

To get your vehicle out of impound, you should arrange a collection and bring a number of documents with you including proof that your vehicle is insured. You will be required a minimum of 30 days of insurance coverage to have your vehicle returned to you.

To release your vehicle, you should bring the right documents to the pound:

  • Proof of ID
  • Driving license
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Proof of ownership
  • A valid MOT certificate

Why standard car insurance will not be enough?

Most insurance providers will not insure you to get your vehicle out of the police pound. It is because you need special insurance for impounded vehicle to allow the release of a vehicle.

What does impounded vehicle insurance cover?

Release my vehicle can provide you with temporary impounded vehicle insurance. So that you can return to the road with minimal cost and aggravation, providing:

  • Cover over a phone call
  • A minimum of 30 days cover
  • Coverage for all drivers from the age of 21-68
  • Cover for drivers with a large range of driving convictions

We can arrange insurance for impounded vehicles quickly as our experienced team of insurance providers are always on hand to help you get your vehicle out of impound. Get in touch with us today and we will help you release your vehicle from the pound.

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