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Intergy EMR

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current practice management system or you’re looking to find a new one, there are a few things you should look for when choosing an EMRS (Electronic Medical Record) software. In this article, we’ll look at some of the features you can expect to find.

Prescription Writer:

Whether you’re a physician, support staff, or practice owner Intergy EHR has the tools you need to optimize your practice. Its features include integrated ePrescribing and financial performance capabilities. These tools help you manage chronic conditions, identify care gaps and boost your revenue.

The Intergy EMR interface provides a user-friendly experience. It features a tabbed interface that allows you to navigate and automate tasks. This EMR also offers more than 500 customizable forms. It includes specialty-specific content, such as a patient education resource. The system also has a patient portal, which allows patients to schedule appointments and communicate with your practice.

This software includes a variety of features, including drug search, adverse interaction checks, and real-time formulary screening. These functions can save you time, prevent errors, and improve patient care. The software is fully integrated with other practice management applications and pharmacy software.

Intergy has a variety of pricing options, depending on the needs of your practice. It can be purchased as a hosted solution, an on-premise solution, or a combination.

Practice Management (PM) System:

Whether you’re a small medical practice or a large medical facility, the Intergy Practice Management (PM) system has powerful features that streamline billing and enhance your practice management. It can be deployed as an on-premises solution or as a cloud-based system.

The PM system helps medical staff manage patient intake, verify insurance coverage, prepare bills, and follow up on A/R. It’s also an effective way to improve cash flow. It can streamline administrative functions and help your medical staff maintain HIPAA compliance.

The PM system also allows you to scan bills for errors and verify insurance eligibility. It provides patients with digital reports that help them understand their benefits and reduces the number of missed appointments.

PM software also allows you to design your own reports. You can customize your own schedules, including timetables, appointment times, and durations. Intergy EMR can also create custom reports and use preset reports to manage your practice’s workflow. You can also store your documents online, which can save you space in your office.

Medical document storage system:

Having a solid EHR solution is key to any budding medical practice, and Intergy is just the ticket. In addition to the requisite data entry and charting functions, the Intergy EMR suite of software tools is a veritable treasure trove of features. The most noteworthy is its ability to support the functions of a medical practice of any size, and its ability to accommodate the diverse needs of any size organization. Intergy has a little something for just about everyone, and its software suite is designed to meet the needs of a plethora of specialties. The best part is the cost of maintaining an Intergy EMR solution is a fraction of what it would cost you to build a custom software solution from the ground up.

While the Intergy EMR is a robust and feature-rich software suite, there are still some caveats to be aware of. For instance, while it does boast a robust suite of features, it lacks the cloud-based data storage system of the future.

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Reporting tools:

Whether you are new to EMR software or want to enhance the functionality of your existing system, the Intergy EMR software has reporting tools to help you achieve your goals. Using the data gathered from the practice management system, you can build custom reports and create customized fields to meet your practice’s needs. You can also create automated sequences that will automatically run reports on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

In addition to a variety of basic reports, Intergy includes ten “claim control” reports that show key billing metrics. Intergy also offers a patient portal that can be customized to suit your practice’s needs. You can set up an automatic schedule and set reminders to send patients information about their visits. You can also customize the registration fields.

Intergy’s patient portal includes a secure messaging feature. You can also choose to post your patient records on-premise or off-premise. This is an ideal feature for medical providers who prefer to keep their patients’ information in a single location.

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