Is Hitachi a Reliable Refrigerator Brand?

Hitachi is a Japanese brand, and they have upped their game with the latest technology and good quality refrigerator. Previously people used to know about their brand because of their air conditioner. But in recent years, the Hitachi refrigerator has made a name for itself in the market. The brand mainly focuses on making its products innovative and energy-efficient. 

New refrigerators by this company have used the latest technology, which ensures amino acids and other essential vitamins are not lost when you store your food in the fridge. In this article, we will look at some of the key features that make Hitachi a reliable refrigerator brand.

Key features of Hitachi refrigerator

There are many features available in this refrigerator that make the brand a hit among the customers. In this article, we can take an in-depth look and check some of the key features.

Dual fan air jet flow technology

In older models of refrigerators, you will find only a single fan, which puts a burden as it needs to cool both the freezer and the refrigerator. But that is not the case with the Hitachi refrigerator. This comes with dual fan air jet flow technology, which ensures that both the freezer and fridge cool separately. It has dual fans and helps to balance the airflow in a consistent manner. 

Some of the newer models come with the Front Jet Freezing technology, which helps to distribute from both the front and back of the compartment. This way, you get a uniform cooling, and the food stays fresh for a longer period of time. With these latest technologies, the company can make a refrigerator that helps to keep a cold temperature even with the ambient temperature of 60 degrees.

Hybrid cooling for preservation

If you try to keep meat and other food in the normal fridge, the water present inside the cell will transform into ice crystals. With time these ice crystals start to get bigger and burst the cell wall, which results in dripping from the frozen items. And in return, you notice that the food has lost its flavor. You will find Hybrid Cooling technology in the Hitachi refrigerators. It comes with an aluminum plate which helps the food pass a temperature between -1 degrees centigrade to -5 degrees centigrade.

Convertible Compartment

The Hitachi refrigerator offers the customers two modes: chiller and vegetable. In vegetable mode, you can store your fruits and vegetables without them going bad. And in the chiller mode, you can store your frozen products and meats and also drinks. The fridge also comes with aero care and moisture guard technology.

In the aero care technology, the fridge uses a platinum catalyst to maintain a high concentration of carbon dioxide, which in return helps to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh. On the other hand, the moisture guard helps with indirect cooling to balance the moisture inside the product. Some of the brand products also come with vacuum and photocatalyst preservation.

Customizable Interior

Many fridges have a small compartment, which makes it harder to store tall bottles or pizza boxes. But the new fridges by Hitachi have large compartments which make it easier to store these items. You will also find a sliding tray that makes it convenient to pull out the box and take out your food items. In the fridge door, you have the option to adjust the door pockets. This way, you can change the door layout according to your need. You can also find a wavy pattern inside the fridge where you can store your wine bottles or water bottles of 1.5L.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning the refrigerator is very important as we store our food inside it. The product comes with an air-tight structure which helps to insulate the cool air inside. And you can remove the trays inside the fridge, which makes it convenient to clean.

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