Know The Exclusive Difference Between Direct Cool And Frost Free Refrigerator


The chances are more that you have come across the terminologies like frost free and direct cool if you are in search of a refrigerator. You have landed in the right place if you are looking to find the difference between a direct cool and frost free refrigerator.

Today, we are going to assist you in terms of understanding the key differences between these.

The following are the major aspects to ponder on while understanding the differences between frost free and direct cooling refrigerators:

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Difference Between Direct Cool And Frost Free Refrigerator


While understanding the difference between no frost refrigerator vs. direct cool refrigerator, cooling is a major aspect of consideration. The frost free models offer a great cooling option compared to the direct cool models.

The reason is that the cooling happens with the help of the auto-defrost technology as well as the fans that help in the prevention of ice formation. The ice formation significantly reduces the cooling efficiencies in the direct cool refrigerators.


The frost-free models comes with massive capacities as they come in multidoor options. The ratio of the freezer to fridge in the multidoor fridges is much better at 30:70. This would mean that it has a higher freezing capacity. If you are looking to store frozen food or meat products, then it is the best choice you can make.


The capacity of 250-260 liter mainly do not exceed in the single door refrigerators. It is for this reason that they do not suit for the larger families. However, the frost free ones come with a capacity of 700 liter, which is about 3 times the capacity of the single door.


In order to understand the difference between direct cool and frost-free refrigerators, one should know that the frost-free models come with inverter compressors. These compressors offer noise-free operations and also offer a better cooling option. The direct cool models have regular compressors, and these produce noise that can be quite inconvenient.


Since the cooling in the direct cool models is uneven, the food stored remain fresh for a short amount of time. Several food items like chilies and tomatoes can be experiencing wrinkles in the skin due to the lack of moisture.

The lifespan of the food items within the frost free is much higher, keeping the food fresh for a long time. On the other end, as noted through the no frost refrigerator vs. direct cool refrigerator.

Add-on technology

The frost free comes with an additional set of technologies. It can help boost the cooling and the freshness of the produces since it uses modern technologies.

There are aspects such as the humidity controller, deodorizer as well as 360 cooling. These are the technologies that mainly come under double door fridges.


The coils in the direct cool tend to become accumulated with dust as they are exposed over a period of time. It is this accumulation that can create inefficient cooling effects. It is for this reason the coils require cleaning from time on a basis to prevent entry wastage.

In frost free, the coils become housed at the interiors of the refrigerators, and there would be no requirement.

LongevityWhile understanding the difference between direct cool and frost free refrigerators, it is important to analyze the longevity of each unit.

The lifespan of the frost free units is a bit longer when compare with direct cool units. The reason behind it is the coils that safe inside the refrigeration unit and the auto defrosting.

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