Knowing your target audience – key to emphatic localization

Knowing your target audience

Implementing a marketing localization strategy is often intimidating for organizations. Aside from the apparent problem of finding the proper skill sets and tools to support the method, there are many moving pieces to effectively reach and have interaction together with your global target market. and every market is different. But an honest initiative is to Knowing your target audience.

Without a rock-hard understanding of whom you are targeting and the way they will engage together with your content, your marketing localization efforts could easily go to waste. Understanding the local market landscape is important for knowing which markets to seek. It also can inform the way to identify and have interaction together with your audience. The key is asking the proper inquiries to create a locally relevant strategy and having access to in-country, subject-matter professionals and take help of professional localization services experts.

Why Knowing your target audience is Important?

If you are launching a new product/service or entering a new market, knowing your audience is the preliminary and the most crucial thing for any business. It asks for comprehensive research of the target market and an in-depth understanding of the culture of the targeted location. So, when you are busy planning out the best localization strategy for your business, cater to these points to understand your audience and make an effective plan –

Learn from Your Audience –

You cannot produce an efficient localization without understanding the market you are about to enter. Marketing to new audiences is often dangerous if you don’t plan ahead. You need to understand the regions where you will be doing business because it can potentially damage your brand reputation and even offend your new audience if you get your messaging wrong.  So, what’s the primary step? Consumer-focused research, where you look to understand –

What your audience cares about – like quality or price, practical applications or aspirations, how is the demand for your product, competitors they prefer, the cultural differences, etc? Knowing your audience would enable you to understand their preferred communication styles and channels and help you in effective interaction.

Where they are online & what are they doing – with so many digital channels, domestic & international, you have to figure out where is your online audience and how to build trust and engage with them. Analyzing audiences’ online behavior would tell you a lot about their decision-making process highlighting the pain points where the marketing would be more likely to have a higher hit on CTAs.

Several small things that hold no value in your home country or region like colors, insignia, etc., could be offensive to your new target audience or make you look embarrassing. Therefore, getting a hold of all these big and small nuances is expected when you are entering a new market.

Put some effort into Translations –

Language is going to play a significant role in localization, that’s period. So, how much effort you put in translating your documents, social media, website, etc., will also matter a lot to your target audience. Your audience would love to communicate in their local language and therefore you need to translate. Well, it matters who you partner for it. If you go with a professional translation services company like LanguageNoBar, you have the benefit of working with 100% native to the region translators. Using native translators will also help you figure out the best way to communicate with your target audience and also things to avoid while speaking to them through any channel.

Care for the Visual localization –

Obviously, visuals and imageries are going to be a significant part of effective localization. Studying the target culture enables you to avoid marketing with images or visuals that can be considered obscene, offensive, or embarrassing in the new target market. Translating and localizing your marketing materials is very crucial. Understanding the target audience means understanding their traditions and abiding by the norms they follow. With the help of professional marketing translation services could help you ease out the situation and avoid any marketing disaster from happening.

Therefore, in all totality, getting a grasp of the target region, its history, language & culture, and more is vital when planning to penetrate a new market. Studying the audiences’ behavior, their buying patterns, and analyzing your competitors are a few key pressing points. When planning to localize into a new market it’s always better to have an experienced language translation & localization expert on your side, a native linguistic expert is more beneficial. So, when thinking of localizing your websites and marketing materials and entering the new market, you can always rely on the experienced experts of the professional translation services company – LanguageNoBar.

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