Must Have E-bike Accessories You Should Know About


Getting your new electric bike is an exciting and thrilling event as you are suddenly going to be able to bike faster as well as farther. it would also open up a whole fresh cycling range. However, before you even hit the road, there are a couple of e-bike accessories that you must strongly consider to make your ride absolutely fun, safer and more comfortable.

The cool thing is that you can check out an ebike accessories shop and get all the accessories from there. There are manifold recommended accessories for e-bikes, and analyzing through every suggestion may get exhausting. Well, it is easy to get overwhelmed when finding out what you must and must not purchase right off the bat. So, to make it easy for you, here are some accessories that you should definitely have.

Proper safety equipment 

Before you even start using your electric bike for your morning commute, you must ensure you are prioritizing your own safety. Nobody, not even the most experienced or pro riders must hit the road in the absence of the equipment below.

A good helmet 

A helmet is a definite must. Even if your area does not really have helmet laws, you must under no circumstances ride an e-bike – or any sort of bike – in the absence of a helmet. Even a slight fall can be quite serious in case your head is not guarded from impact. 

When buying a helmet ensure your helmet fits properly. You can find your head perimeter by wrapping a tape measure around the hugest part of your head, that is found nearly an inch above your eyebrows. Bike helmets must offer sizing charts, just like that of clothing, so can you can pick the size that best fit your head size.

Lights and reflectors 

Even if you don’t have any plan to ride at night, you require to invest in lights and reflectors. Remember that a foggy, overcast day might decrease visibility for drivers, leaving you susceptible to crashes. When talking about bike lights, e-bike riders have plenty of options. You can easily get a front and rear light set powered with their own quality battery pack, or that of one powered right from your e-bike’s battery. The latter is far easier for e-bike riders, and also safer as you don’t really risk running out of light battery life on a lengthy journey or trip. However, ensure your bike battery is well-matched with any lights you select.  

Also keep I mind that a good flashing light reflector is also crucial, mainly for the ones who ride at night. It is somewhat the easiest way to get the attention of a driver. In fact, in some instances reflectors are lawfully required. Reflectors can fit on different parts of the bike frame such as the handle bar, stem, and even the tire spokes.  You require both front as well as rear receptors to make the most of visibility. Of course, once you have them, you can be sure that you have better level of visibility. 

Rearview mirrors for your E-bike 

To be aware of your surroundings is just as crucial on an e-bike as it is on any type of car, it is the reason why rearview mirrors are not really optional. You must have both a left and that of right rear-view mirror, both of which you must scan frequently as you ride.

Keep in mind that just because you have rearview mirrors installed does not really mean you don’t need to check over your shoulder when turning any corner or switching into a bike lane. Just like that of riding a car, you still need blind spots you require to check closely for your own protection. After all, there is no point of taking a chance with your protection.

A bottle Carriage 

It is important that you get a proper attachable bottle cage for your electric bike. It can be clippy or glued onto your bike’s handlebars or even frame. Hence you can conveniently get your water bottle from there conveniently. In case you go for on using your e-bike as type of a mountain bike, a water bottle would not just be about ease, for kind of intense physical activity, hydration is a necessity. Going without water for long might trigger conditions such as heatstroke.

Theft protection 

It is true that electric -bikes are quite expensive, so you do not really want to leave one near a bike rack without sufficient protection. Before hitting the road, there are a few important e-bike accessories you should invest in to keep your beloved electric bike secure. Have a look at these accessories below:

A lock 

This is a general accessory for any type of bike, not just an electric -bike. Every bike owner must definitely invest in as robust a lock as possible. While cable locks are easy and cheap, these are incredibly easy to cut through.

Instead, it would be good in case you go for a better and even sturdier option such as a U-lock or that of a chain lock. These are quite difficult for potential bike thieves to cut through in an opportune fashion, which massively decreases the danger of anything happening to your beloved e-bike.

Anti-theft system having GPS  

Well, it might seem like excess, especially with a good type of lock, but e-bikes are quite a very expensive investment.  Moreover, if you love your electric bike, you would never want to take any type of risk with its safety, right? It is worth a little additional money to invest in a second layer or level of protection against any type of tampering or theft.

Remember an anti-theft system that include GPS, keeps labels on your bike for you. Some even send different text alerts in case they notice any type of movement. In the event your bike gets lift, you would be able to easily track its location and – with any luck – get it back in a single piece. Come on, this is a layer of safety that can give you peace of mind. You can be relax that your bike is safe and sound. You would be more confident about the safety of your beloved bike.


So, go ahead and buy e cycle accessories online and ensure that you have a comfortable, easy, safe and exciting electric vehicle experience.

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