On-Page SEO: Everything You Need To Know

On-page or on-site SEO is an SEO strategy to optimize web pages for particular keywords with an aim to improve page traffic and visibility.

From content and headings to internal links, there are multiple aspects of on-page SEO.

It helps search engines understand your website better, which further helps in ranking it better – leading to enhanced organic traffic.

On-page SEO involves various steps and it takes experts like SEO Consultants in Calgary to handle them all. Further, we have discussed the different aspects of on-page SEO.

Meta Descriptions And Title Tags 
In the search results, the title tag appears as a heading whereas meta description appears as an outline of your content.

They are important to attract users to your website. If the meta description and title tags are well optimized, the CTR (click through rate) increases.

Structured Data
Always make sure your content is well-structured in specific formats like articles, recipes, ratings, etc.

Google includes the structured data in the search results as “rich snippets”, which increases the CTR.

Internal Linking
Internal linking is a wonderful way to tell Google about the relationship between your different pages. SEO Consultants Calgary develops a well-organised linking framework to add context and increase relevance of your content.

The anchor text of these links should be the keyword or key phrase that you desire the linked page to be ranked for.

SEO Copywriting
Copywriting is an important aspect of a website. SEO Consultants Calgary has the best team of copywriters that can write compelling copy for your website. When writing website content, here are a few things that should be taken care of:

● The copywriter should use clear and concise copy which articulates the problem and solution well.

● Avoid usage of long sentences and use short paragraphs for better readability. Having said that, be careful to maintain a proper flow of content.

● Proper break up of sections with appropriate usage of subheadings is a must.

● Use the target SEO keyword organically. Note that there’s a fine line between keyword-stuffed and keyword-rich content.

● Make sure your content delivers what it promises. Don’t use clickbait text in the headings. Aim to serve well to the user intent after proper research and learning.

● Readers should be the most important thing for a copywriter. Analyze your target group, identify their trouble areas and create content that resonates with them and provides value to them.

● Evolving emotions is a smart way to connect with your audience. Use the storytelling technique to hook your readers from start to end.

Use Of Multiple Headers
Use multiple headers like H1, H2, H3, etc. in the content can help you in several ways such as:

● It makes the content easily skimmable
● The content catches the eye faster 
● It provides an effective user experience 
● It helps Google understand the content better
● It makes sense contextually

Image Optimization 
Another important aspect of on-page SEO is image optimization. A quality image with descriptive file name and size should be used to be ranked well on Google.

Also, add text to image alt tags with appropriate usage of the keyword. 

From finding high-quality images to optimizing them, SEO Consultants Calgary can handle each step of image optimization for you. 

The Final Words
On-page SEO practices are indispensable for your overall SEO strategy. SEO Consultants Calgary has an experienced team adept in on-page SEO that can help your business with its services.

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