Which are the Best Painting Services in Lakewood Ranch?

Painting Services in Lakewood Ranch

Can You Paint Over Mold?

While it is appealing to paint over mold, this is not a safe solution to a significant issue. Painting over mold may appear to be a simple, quick, and affordable solution, but the fact is that it only conceals the problem. It does not seal the mold, prevent it from spreading, or keep it from posing a health risk to you and your family.

Instead, take care to correctly (and professionally) manage mold concerns, then paint over any remaining stains once the cleanup is complete and the space is safe. If you’re wondering, “Can I paint over mold?” keep reading to find out what actions you’ll need to follow from the professionals at Painting Services in Lakewood Ranch.

Dangers of Mold

If the area is greater than 10 square feet, you’ll need to hire an expert to remove the mold before painting. The answer is the same if you’re wondering if you can paint over mold on drywall.

Mold may be quite harmful. Therefore you must choose a mold remediation firm to perform the job. Ensure to inquire about the cause of the moisture so that the cleanup firm may treat it. Start painting when the mold has been removed, and the firm has informed you that the area is safe.

Following Mold Removal, Let the Painting Begin

The mold removal business you select should have verified that the source of the mold problem has addressed. They should then use a Kills-type product to prep any walls before painting with mold-resistant paint. These are the stages you should follow if you’re doing the priming and painting on your own. While mold-resistant paint not recommended for areas that have not completely remediated, it can used as a precaution once the area has cleared of mold. To make your impacted areas seem brand new, you can paint new construction materials or paint over any post-remediation stains that remain.

Painting Services in Lakewood Ranch after Mold Removal

Mold removal may be risky, and discovering mold in your home can be a stressful experience. Professional mold remediation is the safest and most effective way to guarantee the problem is resolved. Why not delegate the work to Neighbor’s home services experts? For mold removal services you can rely on, contact Rainbow International. Then Painting Services in Lakewood Ranch may paint over remediated areas since they have the skills and expertise to do so. We’ll go to great lengths to provide a stunning, long-lasting paint job.

Painting Services in Lakewood Ranch
Painting Services in Lakewood Ranch

Painting Pressure-Treated Wood

Yes, pressure-treated wood may be painted or stained, but for a long-lasting and attractive finish, determine the moisture level of the wood first, then apply the appropriate paint and primer. Continue reading for step-by-step instructions.

How to Paint Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood must be allowed to cure before painting, which takes much longer than kiln-dried wood. Likely, it’s still too damp to paint if you just got it from the hardware shop. It will take time for water to dry if it beads up on the surface. It might take weeks or even months for pressure-treated timber to dry. It’s time to paint once the wood has absorbed the water on the surface.

On pressure-treated wood, it’s critical to apply the right paint and primer. Priming with a latex primer and a suitable exterior latex paint, also known as water-based paint, is recommended by our specialists. Painting Services in Lakewood Ranch advise you to stay away from oil-based paint.


  • Clean the deck with a commercial deck and wood cleaner and, if necessary, a power washer if the deck is in terrible shape. Before painting the wood, let it cure fully.


  • Apply the primer by brushing, rolling, or spraying it on after the wood has been prepared.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions for curing the primer.
  • Apply at least two coats of exterior latex paint after the primer.
  • Follow the manufacturers recoat time frame, which is usually a few hours.

Congratulations on completing the task! Looking for additional information on how to paint your deck? Visit our site to learn how to paint a deck properly.

Can You Stain Pressure-Treated Lumber?

You certainly can! Stain is chosen in some circumstances because it soaks into the wood and is easier to apply. However, you have fewer color selections, and stain does not fill up microscopic fissures in the wood way paint does. To stain pressure-treated wood, use the same methods as above, regardless of which option you take. Painting Services in Lakewood Ranch propose an oil-based semi-transparent exterior stain for staining.

Painting Services in Lakewood Ranch
Painting Services in Lakewood Ranch

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