PIM & DAM Software: The Solution for eCommerce Growth

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With customers demanding nothing less than the best product experience while shopping online, modern-day businesses are fast adopting nex-gen, intelligent eCommerce solutions like Amaze PXM to cater to these changing demands. Amaze PXM is a single platform solution for end-to product information and experience management with PIM, DAM, Data Exchange and Data Syndication capabilities. While the former (PIM) stands for Product Information Management, the latter (DAM) is the acronym for Digital Asset Management. Although both are specific to their roles and uses, in conjunction, they help businesses grow in the digital landscape.

  • What is PIM software?

A PIM is a software solution that streamlines product information management, enabling brands and retailers to lay a solid data foundation for headless digital commerce. It takes product experience management to the next level. A robust PIM solution like Amaze PIM software converts disparate product data into a structured & enriched product data that helps buyers make better purchase decisions. It powers organizations with a function-rich, central repository to host, organize, edit, manage, optimize, syndicate, and do much more with product data. In short, it provides a single source of truth for all your product information.

The platform incorporates best-in-class features and functions to help merchants create a meaningful product and customer experience across channels and drive sales in top gear. A few features that Amaze PIM software brings to the table include multiple catalog creation, taxonomy & categorization, schema building, workflow management, validation management, etc.

What makes Amaze PIM a much-needed platform for eCommerce growth?

Of course, it is the features and functions that the platform comes with. The platform supports digital merchandising strategies by enabling organizations to create and maintain multiple catalogs. With Amaze PXM’s PIM at the core, users can create multiple catalogs manually or import templates from rudimentary data stores in Excel files, flat files, XML, REST API calls, etc., to accelerate the process. It also facilitates defining and implementing data standardization rules for the uniformity of product information across catalogs.

Amaze PIM software brings value to the business by streamlining workflow, enabling teams to collaborate better, and improving visibility and transparency. More importantly, it helps create product content that directs prospective users to your page and influences their buying decisions.

What else businesses can do with the PIM module of Amaze Product Experience Management (PXM) is: optimize taxonomy and schema for better browsing experiences and set rules to make sure the information is complete, accurate, and relevant.

Best of all, it enables businesses to create a great end-to-end user experience for customers. No matter how customers choose to look for the product, Product Experience Management software ensures they find it. The platform makes browsing and buying a smooth sail by providing buyers with all the information they need to decide whether or not they should buy the product. If all this falls insufficient, Amaze PXM has much more to its credit to power eCommerce growth. And Digital Asset Management (DAM) module is what we haven’t discussed in this note yet.

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM) software?

Efficient product information and experience management is just not restricted to leveraging PIM. An integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform is equally crucial for the comprehensive growth of an organization.

A DAM is a software solution that streamlines managing digital assets (DAs), such as images, video clips, audio files, GIFs, and all that is responsible for improved product presentation and visual experience. In conjunction with PIM, it lets organizations represent products in the best possible manner. And the result is improved customer engagement and acquisition.

Amaze Digital Asset Management as a solution for eCommerce growth

Amaze Digital Asset Management software, also known as DAM or Dazzle, brings powerful editing capabilities and a unified access point to enable businesses to source, manage, optimize, and do much more with digital assets in a single location.

Amaze Product Experience Management (PXM) incorporates a robust DAM module to help businesses create engaging visual experiences, which, in turn, adds to buyers’ confidence in making purchases.

Users can also create and maintain asset-level attributes for asset definition, activate & deactivate assets as per their uses, and link & unlink DAs to items. The ease of digital asset management enables teams to perform better, which works towards improving visual experiences and fuels eCommerce growth.

PIM and DAM in integration

PIM and DAM are complementary to each other. When integrated, they come as a comprehensive solution for eCommerce growth, ensuring you create and deliver nothing less than the best-in-class product and customer experience across touchpoints.

Niazi Pathan