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Most everybody knows that plastic molds from China are cheap, but there are also plenty of horror stories in the industry. If mold making in China goes wrong, it tends to go wrong in quite a big way; it can break a company.

We have many years of experience in the China Plastic Injection Molding Company service business and know very well all customers’ concerns.

  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Finding a company that can provide original factory price
  • Injection-molded parts that adhere to original product design
  • Redesign solutions that can provide lower pricing
  • High level of service and quality injection molds

Plastic can be produced by multiple ways. However, plastic injection molding is a popular plastic manufacturing method which is extremely versatile, and offers a variety of advantages over other methods of plastic molding. Compared to other methods of plastic making, it is simpler, more reliable and extremely efficient. In this article we have discussed top six reasons of preferring plastic injection molding for Industrial thermoplastics Austin. Let’s take a look:

High Efficiency- Fast Production

The major reason plastic injection molding is considered as the most popular and reliable. It is form of molding is because of the efficiency and fast production of making plastics. Because of its high speed of manufacturing and processing, the technique is efficient and cost-effective. Although, the complexity and size of the mold determine the speed of process, but only about 15-120 seconds pass between each cycle time. A large quantity of molds can be produced in a short time. Resultantly, profit margins and revenue also increase. Industrial thermoplastics Austin utilizes an MRP system (Material Requirement Planning System) for round the clock processing. MRP system cannot replace input managers, but it does help improve efficiencies.

Complex Part Design

This process can make the manufacturing and making of complex parts really easy. Injection molding perfect for handling extremely complex parts, and uniformity, as well as the ability to make millions of virtually identical parts. You can optimize the performance of high-volume injection molding, and maximize the precision and quality of your parts, by taking into account key design elements.Industrial thermoplastics Austin allows you to get the same quality and exact design consistently using the right design. In absence of a good design, the chance of processing mistakes will always be there.

Few fundamental design elements which affect injection process quality include wall thickness, rib design, boss design, corner transitions and weld lines and gate placement, and properly placed vents.

Increased Strength

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of injection method is the strength it offers. Although, you need to tell the designer if the part should be flexible or rigid. The requirements could be accommodated by integrating ribs or gussets. It is also important to give a heads up about how the customer will be using the part. The kind of environment the part will be exposed to.

Flexibility of choosing Material and Color

Due to the advancements in polymers, a large variety of resins are available for plastic making. Not only you can choose a specific material type, but you can have a wide range of color options too. Therefore, with plastic injection mold, there is a huge palette of material and color possibilities. To ensure that you pick the right resin for your project, at Industrial thermoplastics Austin consider impact strength, tensile strength, a flexural modulus of elasticity, heat deflection and water absorption.

Reduced Waste

High volume plastic production may result in producing highresource wastage. You can keep up with green initiatives andenvironment friendly practices by opting plastic injection moldingmethod as they help in retaining sustainability, and optimal safety.Recycling the excess plastic is a step towards eco-friendliness, asIndustrial thermoplastics Austin employ state-of-the-art machineryto assist minimizing waste, transportation, and packaging.

By employing plastic injecting mold and recycling waste, we’ve made an effort to uphold green initiatives, which make us sustainable manufacturers in the injection molding industry.

Less Labor Costs

One of the advantages of using plastic injection molding is less labor cost. When compared with other types of molding. This allows us to produce high quality industrial thermoplastics Austin with cost efficiency and effectiveness. Due to self-gating and automatic tools, the process minimizes supervision requirement while keeping operations streamlined on its own.

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