Prepare Yourself for Further Studies in Australia with a Post-Study graduate Visa 485

There are 43 universities in Australia offering degrees in various disciplines. This country has been a dependable and significant name on the list of places.
The Australian government has several visas to let people enter Australia. If you want to study further, the 485 Visa Australia will be a great choice for you.

What Are The Conditions To Apply For visa subclass 485?

The post-study work stream is a part of the original temporary graduate visa 485. However, the 485 visa eligibility conditions an applicant has to fulfill.

  • The candidate must be transferring from a previously held Visa Subclass 500. 
  • Must hold an eligible bridging visa at the time of processing or any other substantive visa.
  • The candidate must have good and sufficient health cover during the Temporary graduate visa subclass 485.
  • The applicant must have completed a bachelor, Master’s, or doctorate.
  • The candidate must have an age of fewer than 50 years.
  • The enrolment time of the candidate at their course of choice must be equal to or more than two academic years (92 weeks).
  • The candidate must lodge their visa subclass 485 within six months of course completion. The date of the conferring of a degree is not the date of course completion. It is the first date the institution notifies the student that they have completed all the requirements for awarding a degree, diploma, or trade qualification. 
  • The applicant has to comply with the health and character requirements. 
  • The applicant may have to seek accreditation from their related industry/body. 
  • The candidate must not have a previously refused or canceled visa.
  • The candidate must have an appropriate health cover. If the applicant wishes to bring their family member, they would have to arrange for both of their health covers. 
  • The candidate must provide evidence that they have applied for an Australia Federal Police (AFP) check.
  • The candidate must sign the Australian values statement.
  • The applicant must not have any debt with the Australian government.
  • If you have any questions about this visa stream or are confused about its condition – you should consult the most skilled and experienced immigration agent Adelaide to know the answers.

Benefits of Temporary Graduate visa 485

The post-study work stream of Subclass 485 Visa Australia allows the holder to find employment after completing their studies or staying there. The candidate can stay in Australia for 2 to 4 years – depending upon the course they have chosen. In some cases, Hong Kong or British National Overseas passport holders can stay for five years. The comprehensive list is as follow:

  • Degree qualified Approved stay period
  • 485 graduate visa Bachelor degree (including Honours) 2 years
  • Masters by coursework 3 years
  • Masters by research 3 years
  • Doctoral degree 4 years

The visa also allows the stay of the immediate family members. The candidate must add the name of the family members during the application – who must qualify the health and character requirement.

The candidate can travel and return as many times as they want during the visa validity period – however, the department will count the time spent by the candidate outside Australian borders within the visa validity period. In other words, the total number of allowed days for the candidate will remain unchanged.

The candidate can add the name of their children in the graduate visa 485 application – however, they cannot add any other family member’s name until the department decides on it. The applicant’s family member can also join after the department has granted the 485 visas Australia – as a subsequent entrant.

Can You Get A Second Post-Study Work Stream Visa?

 In normal cases, you cannot get a post-study work stream visa, nor can you extend it. However, if the applicant stays, works, or studies in a regional area while under their first post-study work stream visa, they can apply for a second 485 Graduate Visa. The candidate must achieve this degree from any Australian institution situated in a regional area.
Current and upcoming graduate visa holders from Hong Kong can apply for permanent residency after five years. 
The candidate must be inside Australia when applying for this visa and when the department approves the application.

The Factors For Which You Need To Provide Evidence

Like all other visas, the temporary graduate visa 485 will require documentary proof of the applicants. Claims – otherwise, the department can reject the visa application. Incidentally, a canceled or refused visa will lessen the chance of successfully applying for another visa in the future. So, the applicant will need to provide evidence for the following factors:

  • Proof of age.
  • provide Proof of valid overseas health cover from registered insurance providers. 
  • Proof of holding the appropriate substantive visa or bridging visa. 
  • submit of enrolment in the academic program.
  • Evidence of degree completion.
  • Proof that they have applied for an AFP with their application.
  • Evidence that the candidates’ chosen course is registered under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions.
  • Proof of the required proficiency in the English language. 
  • Proof of the appropriate health cover. 
  • Evidence of no outstanding debt to the Australian government.

So, when you are getting ready to apply for the most wanted graduate visa subclass 485. Prepare a 485 graduate visa checklist beforehand so that you would not miss anything important.

485 Visa Processing Time

The 485 visa processing time depends upon the following factors:

  • Correct form filling by the applicant. 
  • The department may require additional information.
  • The department may need time to verify the claimed information.

Usually, the department clears 75% and 90% of the applications in 8 and 10 months. In case of incorrect form filling by the applicant or the other two reasons – the visa may take more time to process. 
Moreover, if the applicant does not pay the correct visa application charge, the department will not process their application – and may even return it. 
The guidelines and rules of application for the visa may seem confusing. Therefore, it is best to consult an experienced migration agent Adelaide before applying.

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