Project or a Partner: How PR Agencies Should Treat Their Clients

Building a relationship with the public relation agency is like pairing them with your own team. When you pair relationships comes out one between the client and the agencies and the other states volumes about how the business would be set out in the media. After hiring a PR for your business, your business reputation is on the line so you have to ensure that the agency you are hiring treats you just like a partner not as a project. We have seen very few PR agencies that considers their clients as partners. Indian PR Distribution is one of these.

Promoting the overall brand image and values is the major job of a PR. This simply cannot happen if the agency only checks the checkbox and drafts press releases. A good PR partner means it will cultivate a relationship with a client, and understands as well as motivate the employees to develop a stake in the result. A PR agency that only shows the draft glowing copy and pictures the media may help you move the needle with the results but one invested in the team and his challenges can help you to move the mountain.

A solid PR agency would always help you guide through the conversations which focus on long tail metrics. Conversation rates, impressions, media placements and likes are the major conversation drives which catches the ears of C-Suite. A perfect PR Agencies would always do a good dress release in which the conversation is beyond the native performance run by a company’s digital team.

Note: Indian PR Distribution ( is one such PR agencies based in Kolkata, which provides holistic PR solutions.

A good PR is that which shows willingness to work cross department within an organisation for brainstorming as a team and also openness for sharing strategies with the-party partners. The ability to share the moments story, identify relevant trending topics and those topics to a company is a strategic way of hallmarks for an agency which collaborates environmentally and also is worth hiring.

A PR agency always tries to build relationships in a huge manner by establishing roads with traditional methods, influencers and digital methods looking to the future and what the customers are saying about your business in the meta world and what should help the seed of conversation.

A PR agency is a worth investment because it’s simply reactivating the news or the clients day-to-day needs. Through PR establishing connections with industries and the leaders which are beyond immediate trade publications is also very suitable. So once you decide to move forward with any PR agency which you feel is right, try to get the most out of that investment by establishing a realistic time frame for the results and remember that a strategic PR campaign can always take your business to a great level in just 6 to 9 months. So when tracking your progress, always remember that good things often come to those who wait. Try to note down your expectations and make the agency go through it and work in a systematic way. So start your small business and choose the best PR agency for yourself !

Uneeb Khan
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