PRP Hair Treatment: Check Out Some Of The Important Aspects Before Opting For This Hair Restoration Therapy


Are you facing acute hair loss recently? Well, you might be thinking of therapies that would resolve the issue of hair fall, right? Especially when it happens at a tender age, then undoubtedly it is concerning. But, as you know, hair fall can occur due to several factors, either due to scalp infection or as a side effect due to some medicines.

However, with the advancement of medical science nowadays, various innovative treatments are available that can help you regain your original volume of hair to a great extent. One such effective treatment is PRP hair treatment. It is also commonly known as platelet-rich plasma treatment.

So if you are opting for this treatment, you need to know a few highly significant things. Let us take a look at some of the essential aspects of this treatment.

What Are The Things That You Should Know About PRP Hair Therapy?

As you know, this treatment is a three-step medical treatment. Firstly, the doctor draws out the patient’s blood, then it is processed in the centrifugal machine, and the contents of the blood are separated, and finally, the platelets from the blood are injected into the scalp.

Do you know that these PRP injections trigger natural hair growth? Yes, it does. At the same time, it also increases the thickness of the hair shaft. This happens due to the increasing supply of blood to the hair follicles. Nowadays, doctors and health experts are also trying to apply this treatment to treat other cases. Now let us check out some of the aspects that are highly significant about this treatment:


So if you are opting for this treatment, you surely need to look for clinics where this treatment is available and know about the cost of the entire procedure. You can also search online and look for a nearby hair clinic. The doctors and health experts would accordingly take blood samples after examining the condition.

Is It Painful?

If you wonder if PRP hair treatment is painful or not, let us assure you that it is minimally invasive. At the same time, it is a virtually pain-free procedure. You won’t feel it when the doctor injects the syringe into your scalp and completes the procedure.

At the same time, the treatment also takes just about an hour to complete so that you can resume your work just after that. So do not worry you can certainly opt for this treatment to resolve your problem of hair loss.

Are There Any Risk Factors?

PRP hair treatment is completely safe with no side effects or risk factors like bleeding, allergy, or any sort of infection. However, if you are not hygienic enough, you can invite infections and allergies. Therefore after the procedure, you should be cautious enough to avoid any infections.

Treatment Duration

If you wonder how long it would take to complete the entire procedure, let us talk about it right here. According to the trichologists, it takes around 6 to 8 sessions with an interval of one month between each session to complete the entire treatment. As we discussed earlier, the session lasts from an hour to an hour and a half.

Who Can Opt For This Treatment?

To determine this, you need first to check if you are suffering from pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Well, if your answer is Yes, you can opt for PRP hair treatment.  However, your doctor may recommend this therapy only after completing a thorough diagnosis by recording your medical history and conducting trichoscopy. Also, you need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to be eligible for this treatment.

What Are The Tests & Medications Needed During This Treatment? 

As you know, a blood test might be required before your doctor begins this therapy. Then, only after seeing the reports, the trichologist would start their treatment. Finally, when the procedure is done, they might prescribe you certain specific medications that would help heal.

When Will the Results Start Showing?

After you have completed all the sessions of your PRP hair treatment, the results would start being visible around three months after undergoing the first session. Yes, the treatment is a long-term process, so it takes time to show the results.

However, during this period, you have to take proper care of the affected area and see that it does not get infected in any way.

How Much PRP Hair Treatment Cost In India?

If you wonder how much you would need to invest for this treatment, let us help you out by discussing an approximate expenditure of this therapy. As you know, for every treatment, the rates vary from one place to another. As per reports, in India, this treatment ranges between Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 15,000 per session. It usually depends on some of the significant reasons.

  • The rates might be pretty high if you are opting for an experienced dermatologist in a posh area
  • Also, the rates vary on the types of equipment used during the procedure
  • It also depends on the number of sessions you might require to complete the procedure 

Summing It Up

As you can understand, PRP hair treatment depends on several factors. Therefore, you need to know about the above aspects before making an appointment in the nearby clinic.

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