Reasons why canines should be part of your security program

security program

Given the many advantages that canines bring, it is probable that canine security will play a significant part in the overall security operations of your organization.

If security dogs have received sufficient training, it is feasible to use them to perform the following tasks:

Preventing crime

When a dog is following a security officer or team, it is important that the dog be visible for two reasons.

First, it provides additional protection.

A secondary function is to deter potential illegal actions and to prevent the vast majority of criminals from scoping out.

Reconnaissance of a property before committing crimes on it.

For starters, individuals who have witnessed the success of the protective mechanism will have greater confidence in it going forward.

Employees and contractors who are notified that canine teams would be on site guarding the infrastructure after business hours may be less likely to steal from the infrastructure after hours.

Smarter than any device

Detecting dogs, according to scientific studies, are sophisticated detectors with a lower detection threshold than any other technology now available, making them superior to other technologies in terms of detection performance.

The fact that they are capable of distinguishing a smell even when it is present in the lowest feasible quantity demonstrates that they are very sensitive to scents.

The fact that dogs have an exceptional sense of smell has not been exceeded despite billions of dollars being spent on military research and development of detecting equipment up to this point in time.

The widespread belief that certain explosives do not emit fragrances or that certain scents may be concealed has resulted in dogs being capable of recognizing novel compounds used in explosives.

Find concealed persons or items

Dogs have the benefit of being able to detect a person or an object of interest even while they are hidden from view in their surroundings, because of their greater sensory capabilities.

A trained security dog may help them improve their abilities since they are taught to react and inform the officer if anything unusual happens while they are in their presence.

To put it another way, the capacity of a canine to detect scent at the molecular level has been well-documented for a long period of time.

This is due to the fact that these cells are extremely specialized in receiving scents in their particular section of the body.

Verify a material in seconds

As soon as a security officer notices anything out of the ordinary, he or she will need to do more investigation to determine what has occurred.

An alternative would be for a dog to rapidly and effectively detect and identify an object of interest.

Then offer fast confirmation of the item’s identification. This is a fantastic option to consider.

Assist in saving money

It’s conceivable that canine security will be considered as an option to increasing the number of security workers.

The job site in order to save time and money on both sides of the equation.

Some of the benefits of owning a dog may be complementing and adding to the benefits of owning a human.

allowing them to execute their responsibilities more quickly and successfully in specific situations.

Dogs gain growing proficiency with time and with training in scanning a bigger area and performing a broader variety of search and detection tasks as their experience improves and their knowledge base expands.

The proper deployment of a canine squad may, in some circumstances, result in a significant decrease in your total security expenditures, depending on the circumstances.

In order to conserve money, it is more cost efficient to exchange and rotate canine handlers throughout the night, when criminal activity is at its highest.

Additionally, it provides the security of police officers on the beat during the duration of their shift.

G3 Security’s canine solutions

The canine solutions provided by G3 Security are compliant with international standards and legislation, as well as with local regulations and constraints.

By using the most up-to-date training approaches and ethical standards, we help organizations in increasing the effectiveness of their security detection systems.

In order to teach our professional dogs in obedience and control, we use the most modern international methods available.

We make use of the most cutting-edge worldwide approaches that are now accessible to us to achieve our goals.

In addition, our dogs are in excellent health as a result of the training they get, and they are evaluated on a regular basis by an independent canine expert to guarantee that they continue to be in such good condition.

As an additional precautionary measure, we have an independent canine expert who inspects the dogs on a regular basis to ensure they are in perfect health and are not suffering from any diseases.

Even though the process of verification is still ongoing, it is done on a daily basis. We evaluate the dog’s health and physical fitness on a weekly basis in order to ensure that everything is in proper operating condition.

An external expert also reviews our training on a regular basis to ensure that it is up to date and effective.

Care for dogs should be provided in conformity with generally recognized moral principles.


Since the beginning of time, canine security has proven to be a critical component of a wide range of security systems.

When it comes to physical security, we feel that dogs are among the most crucial and important unsung heroes, and we believe that they are also among the most important and necessary.

If you follow the steps outlined in this strategy, it is feasible to shorten response times while also increasing trust in your organization’s ability to deal with data security breaches.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to schedule a consultation and learn more about how G3 Security (K9 Security in London) can assist you in improving your overall security program.

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