Review of the Social CBD Transdermal Patch

Social CBD Transdermal Patch

One of the newest methods to obtain your daily dosage of CBD is through transdermal patches. They’re simple to use: attach them somewhere on your skin that’s not visible, and you’re ready to go. Over many hours, the active substances will absorb through the skin.

Patches from Social CBD come in two CBD potencies. The 20 mg patch is a good place to start for new users, while the 60 mg patch is better for CBD veterans. Transdermal patches are beginning to appear more often on the market, but only a few businesses are prepared to introduce them. Also check the online dispensary canada to buy the quality CBD products.

They function similarly to nicotine patches in that you place one on a small area of your skin, and the patch takes care of the rest. Patches are a great method to take CBD since your body slowly absorbs the amount over 24 hours, resulting in more consistent and long-lasting comfort.

About the Business: Social CBD

Social CBD provides a large product catalog that includes vape pens, CBD pet oils, CBD muscle rubs, CBD pills, transdermal patches, and CBD drops, among other CBD basics. CBD isolate, rather than full-spectrum extracts, are used in all of the company’s products. It does, however, mean that Social CBD is on the lower end of the pricing spectrum.

Select CBD products are derived from hemp produced on Oregon farms licensed and controlled by the state of Oregon’s Department of Agriculture. The oil is extracted using ethanol, a typical extraction solvent.

After extraction, the oil is distilled and filtered to eliminate any leftover solvent and THC. Select CBD tests each batch of products for cannabis potency, pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, and microorganisms using third-party labs such as Pixis Labs and Lightscale Labs. The Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program certifies these laboratories (OLAP).

Who Should Use CBD Transdermal Patches for Social Purposes?

Transdermal patches are a great option if you’re worried about other people finding out you’re using CBD. They may be put on any part of your body, making them simple to hide. They also provide a constant dosage that is supplied over 24 hours. Patches are an excellent product to use in conjunction with other techniques to keep a consistent dose of CBD throughout the day.

Potency & Cost

CBD patches are much more costly than tinctures, pills, vape oils, and other delivery modalities. They do, however, provide some advantages that the other goods do not. They are, as previously stated, quite discrete. It also provides a consistent CBD dosage every time. Finally, because they’re an innovative product that only a few firms now carry, you may anticipate paying a bit extra. Social CBD’s transdermal patches are pricey but not outrageously so when seen in this light.

These transdermal patches might be fairly effective depending on your aims and the product you pick. If you’re new to CBD, start with the 20 mg dose to discover how it affects your body. The 60 mg type is an appealing alternative for more experienced users who want to take care of their demands or get a burst of CBD throughout the day.

Potency & Cost Social CBD Patches: An Overview: Source of Hemp

Social CBD products are created using hemp farming in the United States. Unfortunately, the firm does not specify what state their hemp is farmed in. A representative from Social CBD, on the other hand, assures us that the company’s products are pesticide and herbicide-free. Each patch has a batch number, which you can use to look up the test results for the CBD extract used to manufacture it.

Uses & Purpose

Transdermal patches are a wonderful solution for persons wishing to use CBD discretely or for those who need a simple method to raise their CBD consumption for the day. They may be put to any part of your body, making them easily concealable. You’ll also get a steady dose over 24 hours, making it simple to stay level with tinctures or vape oils.

Ingredients & Formulation

There are no other helpful elements in Social CBD’s patches than CBD extract. It isn’t unexpected, given that it’s a new and unusual product. Only a few firms sell transdermal patches, so we’re delighted to see Social CBD do so right away. We don’t expect any symptom-specific compounds or essential oils in this circumstance.

Flavors & Product Options

Considering how uncommon transdermal patches are in the CBD business, Social CBD has a large assortment. Its patches come in two potencies and two packaging sizes, which is enough for such a unique product. Maybe one day they will also offer Delta 8 or Delta 9 patches!

Shipping & Return Policy for Social CBD

All unopened and unused items from Social CBD can be returned for a 30-day refund, but you’ll have to pay for shipping. The firm now only ships within the United States. If you spend more than $99 on your order, you’ll get free delivery.

The Bottom Line

Transdermal patches are a new product in the business, but there’s undoubtedly a future for them. High-potency patches from Social CBD can help you maintain your CBD level for up to 24 hours. Although transdermal patches are more expensive per mg of CBD than other CBD products like tinctures or capsules, they have a few advantages that you won’t find anywhere else.

Once you slap it on, you can forget about it. It will gradually release your dosage throughout the day. It also means you won’t have to worry about redoing yourself when your levels drop. It’s also one of the most understated CBD applications to date. Nobody will know you’re using CBD as long as they can’t see the patch. The transdermal patch from Social CBD is the way to go if you seek a discreet way to utilize CBD. The patch works well with a tincture, vape pen, or concentrate on helping you meet your daily CBD goals.

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