Role of Teacher as a moral agent

Role of Teacher as a moral agent

Moral values are the basis of good character. As Martin Luther King said,” Education without morals is like a ship without a compass”. Morals make an individual a good human being, and without morals, Education is a complete disaster. It is important to teach kids the knowledge of what is good and what is bad so that they use their Education for good purposes in the future. The primary spot to learn morals and to ingrain values is home. Parents are the first moral instructor of children. School is the second place to learn ethics. Teachers also play a vital role in teaching moral values. That is why parents and teachers must develop a partnership to instill good behavior in children.

After parents, teachers are the people with whom kids spend most of their time. Many people feel that the educator’s only responsibility is to bestow knowledge to the students. However,  just transferring information is not the only responsibility of teachers. Developing good characteristics and moral values in children is also the responsibility of teachers. When children develop good characteristics, they understand their responsibility. They do their work honestly and do not go for the shortcuts like using online assignment writing service for educational purposes. It is the teacher’s responsibility to instill the following moral values in students.


Integrity and honesty are vital characteristics that benefit individuals throughout their lives. The teacher’s responsibility is to teach students, not lie with each other and their teachers, and not cheat in exams or tests. These small actions have bigger effects on children’s moral development. A teacher can be a good example for his students to make students learn honesty. A teacher should always be honest when dealing with students’ matters in the classroom. As a teacher, you can also teach students small stories about honesty and its rewards. And the bad consequence of dishonesty. A teacher should be honest while assessing students, treat every student equally, and not favor one student.

Hard work

When an individual sets his goal, then he has to work hard to achieve it. Students should learn the trait of hard work in order to fulfill their objectives and be successful in their lives. Its teacher’s responsibility to teach students not to opt for shortcuts and hard work is the only key to success in life. As Thomas Edison said,” Genius is ten percent aspiration and ninety percent perspiration.”

Every person dreams in their life to achieve greater things, but successful ones work hard to achieve those dreams. Students learn to do hard work in their schools. Teachers should teach students the value of time and ask them to finish their work on time. Give them rewards and compliments to encourage students. Any student who performs better in a class by achieving the highest marks should be applauded in front of the whole class. Teachers can also create a monthly activity in class, in which any student who performs best in the class will be awarded the title of student of the month. It will attract students towards the hard work.

To be responsible

Responsibility is one of the essential characteristics of an individual. It is a necessary quality to be a better citizen of society. And the classroom is the best place to learn this trait. Students should learn to understand their responsibilities and be accountable for their actions. To teach the student to be responsible, teachers can tell them to finish their work on time, make proper use of school supplies and property, and be punctual in the school. In order to teach students, the best way for teachers is to be a great example for them by coming on time in class and always being prepared with the lecture. And students should be rewarded and punished to guarantee responsibility. Extra assignments and homework should be the punishment.

Enthusiasm for learning

Teachers always want their students to be enthusiastic about their studies. Teachers do not like to teach when their students are not interested or not paying attention to their studies. In order to make students interested in their studies, they can create a fun approach to learning. Construct an interesting environment in the class, and read lessons in a fun and interactive way. Teachers can play different educational games to encourage students towards their studies. Teachers can also tell jokes to keep students attentive towards studies.

Being helpful and kind

A teacher should always be kind towards their students and help and support them in every possible way. And when students see their teachers, they will learn from them. Students can display their good behavior and kindness by doing little classwork such as clearing boards for their teachers and helping their classmates in their work. Teach students to be kind to everyone and show empathy to the needy. Tell them stories about kindness and its virtues.


Self-esteem is really essential for an individual. When students have to show good behavior and care about others, they must believe in themselves. To grow the student’s self-esteem, the teacher can play an important role. Always treat your students with love and care. Provide opportunities for them to increase their self-esteem. Do not discriminate against students and treat them equally. When teachers discriminate against students, it affects their self-esteem.

Curiosity and questioning skill

Because of a load of studies, the curiosity level of students is decreasing day by day.  And as a result, many students just listen to lectures and do not ask any questions. When students do not have curiosity about the subject, they do not try to learn more about it and never ask questions. Teach the student to do active participation in class and ask them to question everything they learn. Asking questions will increase their knowledge. Create a student-centered class where students should be the main priority. Focus on students and regularly try different approaches to increase the curiosity level of students. When students’ curiosity increases, they will ask more questions and increase subject knowledge.

In order to prepare students for the real world, it is necessary to develop moral characteristics. If teachers do not fulfill their responsibility in teaching students moral values, it will negatively affect students and society with assignment writing service UK.

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