Selenite Stone Meaning: Know Their Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

selenite stone

Gypsum that has crystallized into selenite most frequently appears as a translucent, multifaceted stone. The term “liquid light” is usually used to describe the selenite crystal. This name reflects how it acts as a therapeutic tool that is delicate but powerful and as an energy shifter. Selenite gemstones are usually known to be a stone of protection that guards the mind while being an exceptionally soft stone that can get scratched with a fingernail. Crystal healers are the ones who use it most frequently. Selenite stones have healing properties as well as uses. 

Selenite stone healing properties

Selenite altogether gives metaphysical, physical, mental, and emotional healing. 

1. Mental and Emotional healing properties

Selenite stones are mostly known for their ability to cleanse and clear one’s mental and emotional space. 

  • Encourages quiet and tranquillity
  • Clears trapped energy 
  • Promotes clarity
  • It is a powerful space cleaner.
  • The stone also helps with anxiety problems.

 2. Physical healing properties

As much as crystals are not yet proven to have properties that can heal the physical body, selenite stones are usually believed to help with:

  • Correcting skeletal issues- It assists in stacking the spine into alignment and remedying or, at the very least, assists with skeletal disorders.
  • Repairing cell structure harmed by free radicals- Selenite stone’s light-bringing properties also help cells recover from free radical damage. Thus, keeping your skin, hair, and eyes clear, bright, and full of vibrant vitality.
  • Healing insomnia- Selenite is a beloved crystal for those who struggle with insomnia and want to sleep at night. It perfectly embodies the peaceful, clear state of mind one should be in before bed.

3. Metaphysical healing properties

Selenite stone usually reaches divine consciousness and higher guidance. This is through activating the crown and higher crown chakras. Therefore, selenite stones are usually considered very spiritual. Thus, explaining the metaphysical healing properties. 

  • It has a very high frequency of vibration.
  • It encourages friendship and cooperation.
  • It improves manifestational abilities.
  • It improves spirituality and meditation.
  • It utilizes the third eye and crown chakra. Selenite keeps the flow of light and energy so that you are always open and prepared to receive the messages the universe has for you to hear.
  • Ensures other crystals get cleared and charged. Your favourite stones might receive a rapid recharge from selenite. 
  • It connects to one’s guides and instincts. Selenite, especially the angel wing or fishtail forms, is excellent for connecting with your intuition and guides.

Uses of the Selenite Stone

1 Removing energy barriers and cleansing the body, mind, and spirit

Crystals made of selenite stone get used to disperse energy blockages. This can happen in our bodies due to protracted or intense bouts of stress, despair, or exposure to negative people or circumstances. You can comb through a piece while holding it perpendicular to your spine with your dominant hand. Start at your head and move down toward your feet on all four sides of your body. Sweep the energy out of your field to expel any energy that isn’t serving your best interests.

2 Crystal cleansing and recharging

Chakra-balancing or cleansing rituals can enjoy including selenite as a powerful crystal. Placing crystals on a selenite slab, plate, or bowl is one of the most common techniques to charge and cleanse them.

3 Protecting your home and surroundings

A home’s general atmosphere and energy can be negatively affected by the many experiences, people, and configurations of a room. You can place selenite on the windowsills of every room in your house to increase protection. A selenite tower on the coffee table or a set of bookends on a bookcase may do wonders for clearing space and absorbing any bad karma. The crystal will bring equilibrium to its surroundings if it is out in the open and not hidden behind furniture or stashed away in a drawer.

Selenite is a highly well-liked crystal that is quite accessible and cheap. Other names for selenite are satin spar, desert rose, gypsum flower, butterfly selenite, golden phantom (a variant with a yellow tint), and disodium selenite. 

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