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Sergey Dorogov

The actor was born into a family of civil servants. My father worked as the chief engineer of the electric networks of a mining and processing plant. Mom is a senior inspector of the personnel department. The future actor grew up in the city of Rudny, Kostanay region. Already in childhood, Sergei adored acting – he mimicked adults, portrayed movie characters. But the parents sent their son to the aeromodelling circle, then to weightlifting, then to the boxing section … But he was inexorably drawn to the stage. At first he organized a VIA at the school. 

And in the 7th grade, a classmate brought Serezha to the people’s theater at the Miners’ House of Culture. As soon as the boy went on stage once, he realized that more than anything in his life he wanted to become an actor … After graduating from school in 1976, Dorogov went to enter the Sverdlovsk Theater School. The competition was easy. But as soon as he told the teachers that he was playing in the folk theater, immediately “flew” – did not want to retrain “amateur performance”. Sergei Dorogov was very upset and gave himself his word: “I will do in Moscow until I get through.” It took five years to break through! 

In his spare time, Sergei served in the army, then got a job at a construction site – a caper on a construction machine for driving piles, worked as an electric locomotive driver. And he played in the amateur folk theater “Sovremennik” at the House of Culture “ZIL”. Here I met Alexander Zhigalkin, the future director of the sketch “6 frames”. With admissions in Moscow, he was fatally unlucky, and then, on the advice of teachers, he went to enroll in a theater university in Voronezh, where he was taken with open arms. 


His leading role in the graduation vaudeville “Lev Gurych Sinichkin” in Voronezh is still legendary. At the Institute, Dorogov found a lifelong friend – Fyodor Dobronravov. In 1987 he graduated from the Voronezh State Institute of Arts (course of N. V. Dubinsky) and received the specialty “Theater and Cinema Actor”. Together with Fyodor Dobronravov, they began working at the local youth theater. A couple of years later, fate gave them a chance: Satyricon and its artistic director Konstantin Raikin came to Voronezh on tour. Raikin liked their work, and both actors were invited to Moscow. From 1990 to 2005, Sergei Dorogov worked in the troupe of the Moscow theater “Satyricon”. The quote is taken from “Moviesflix

He played in the performances of Cyrano de Bergerac (1992), “The Baghdad Thief” (1992), “Hamlet” (1998), “Extremadurian Assassins” (2003), “The Magnificent Cuckold”, “The Imaginary Sick”). From 2005 to 2007, Dorogov plays in the Satire Theater (the play “We Are Still Funny”, the role of Chaplin). 2007 year
2009 – entreprise “Testament of the chaste womanizer”.

The sketch show:

The sketch show “6 frames” has an entreprise performance “The Vorozheya, or Session of Love Magic” (2009, directed by E. Radzyukevich), where all six artists play. With this performance, the team has already traveled to several dozen cities in Russia.
In 2010 the entreprise “The Art of Catching a Rabbit” was published with the participation of the actor.
On 2011, he played in the entreprise “Family Photography”, “Love Lesson in French”, “Gray in the Beard.”
In 2012, he played the role of an official Raznitsky in the sitcom “Business Class Chamber” at the Novosibirsk Theater.
His film debut took place in 1982 – in the film by Sergei Bondarchuk “Red Bells”, where Dorogov played a Red Army soldier in the crowd.

Since 1992, the actor has starred in three dozen films and TV series. More often these are episodes, but the roles in them are characteristic and memorable for the audience. In addition, the pictures themselves are popular – these are the series “Petersburg Mysteries”, “March of the Turkish”, “Return of Mukhtar”, “At the Corner of the Patriarchs”, “Kadetstvo”, “Daddy’s Daughters”, “Terrorist Ivanova”, “Comrades Policemen” , “Voroniny”. The quote is taken from “Jio Rockers
In 2005, he was invited by A. Zhigalkin to the sketch show “6 frames”, long-term participation in which made Dorogov famous throughout the country. (originally the program was called “Dear Program” and was broadcasted on the REN-TV channel, and from 2006 to the present the show has been on the STS channel).


▪ Honored Artist of Russia

A family

Wife – Tatyana (born March 29, 1967 in Moscow; graduated from the Theater and Art Technical School, worked as a make-up artist at the Satyricon Theater and became the first laureate of the Seagull Prize among make-up artists – in the Skillful Hands nomination for makeup for the play R Sturua “Senor Todero is the owner.” Now Tatyana runs the dressing room on the TV channel “Stolitsa.” They signed in September 2002 after 8 years of marriage.
Daughter (Tatyana’s wife from a previous marriage) – Anna (1988)


Sergei Dorogov writes poetry. A song was written for his poem, which was performed by the famous chansonnier Mikhail Krug.

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