Signage Options For Houses and Shop Fronts

Restaurants, retailers, and other businesses can use different types of commercial or house signage to enhance their presence. A shop front sign is almost the first thing a person notices upon entering a store. 

As a business owner or marketer, this is where you can make a difference by installing a visually appealing shop front with the true message. Signage is a great way to help businesses present their identity. Every business needs an identity and purpose, from a small shop to a large brand. 

Shop front sign ideas

Fascia sign

A classic component of retail store signage is fascia signage, and there are plenty of great options to inspect. They should be visible from the street to pedestrians on the sidewalk, and even from across the street. So you need them to be small and not submerge the viewer.

Under Awning Sign

Another important component of retail store signage is under-awning signs. Hanging under awning signs attracts the attention of pedestrians walking down the sidewalk.

Graphics can be done in cut vinyl, print, or 3D laser-cut acrylic. And if you want something different, there are other materials and options to inspect, but you still have to ponder the practicality of the location. These signs are pretty straightforward, and it’s best to keep them simple.

Front window sign

Front windows create some great real estate on your building, whether you’re facing an office, retail store, or factory. The use of these signs for the overall look of your building will be determined by the purpose of the windows. 

However, if you’re a fashion retailer, you want people to be able to see the clothes, but if you’re in an office complex, you may need more privacy.

Door sign

Your front door signage is the last thing a person sees before entering your business. In some cases, this is the only place available to you for branding your company. So it’s important to consider what things you’ll need to consider, and what you want there.

Digital signage and light boxes

For restaurants, bars, high street shops, and other retail or entertainment facilities to share multiple messages, digital displays are a worthwhile investment. Digital signage allows you to display a series of videos or stills with a changing design from a single location.

Because they are bright, digital screens attract the attention of customers at all times of the day. And when you want to be able to interact with customers and keep your messages up-to-date, a digital sign is a unique addition to your shop front sign or window.

For those on a slightly tighter budget, lightboxes make significant features for shop windows or entryways. They provide uniform illumination behind a text display or a custom graphic design, helping passersby to see your message from far away.

Window display and graphics

High street shoppers often use window displays for a sneak preview of what’s inside and attractive offers or bargains. To attract customer attention, your window display should clearly show what products and services you offer look attractive, are well put together, and are of good quality that gives people a compelling reason to come in.

Window graphics dress up your windows with eye-catching, full-color designs that draw people in. Window vinyl is affordable and easy to install or remove which makes it ideal for changing messages or seasonal such as sales and offers.

Types of new home development signage

In-ground new homes signage 

The monolithic signs, state boards, and post signs are types of in-ground new home signage that are extremely popular for use as site entry signs. This is because they look very professional and large, and lend themselves perfectly to displaying sitemaps and other essential information. 

This house sign will also provide a great advertising opportunity to help drive traffic and attract passersby to your development.

Directional housing development signs 

These signs are used to direct the visitors and construction traffic to your site. Depending on the timescale required for both Corex and Aluminum solutions, you need a planning and installation service. 

Housing development flags 

Housing development flags are a great way to market a new development. They are cost-effective, highly visible, and give a truly professional finish. 

You need property development flags at a range of heights and have both on-ground and in-ground installation options for your house sign. 


A shop front sign is a highly visible type of outdoor business signage. These signs are usually displayed in front of a business to promote your business services or products. It maximizes the potential of your building with an innovative, unique, and attractive shopfront, or building sign. 

When competition is vicious, it’s paramount that your retail signage or business stands out from the rest.

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