Smart Devices That Will Make Your Home Life Easier

Smart Devices That Will Make Your Home Life Easier

Sometimes technology can be a hindrance. Aside from the expenses paid for the products themselves, most technology uses are all too familiar with unreliable elements of technology- including random breakdowns of devices, lack of co-operation during critical moments, or problems that are difficult to diagnose and fix. Yet despite this, the world takes advantage of technological devices and developments at every given moment. Technology is a huge part of our lives- and in all aspects. The implementation of smart technology is becoming ever-present in our everyday lives, from smart phones to health-related gadgets and home technology.

Home technology was designed with the empowerment of homeowners in mind. Through the introduction of smart homes, people can control their properties with ease, comfort and added security- all via a smartphone or voice activated controls. The benefits of smart home technology are endless, but a huge bonus is that investing in a smart home can increase the value of your property- due to the futuristic appeal and desirability of your home. So, if you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?” perhaps investing in a smart home is a great option, and here at We Buy Any House we have compiled the best smart devices that will make your home life easier.

Hoover Vision Smart Oven:

There’s nothing more infuriating checking on your food in the oven- only to realise it’s been burnt. If this is a regular occurrence, it may be worth investing in a Hoover Vision Smart Oven- a revolutionary appliance to the world of cooking. The smart oven comes with a touchscreen addition that has an array of settings, including a built-in HD camera so you can frequently check on your food to ensure it’s not burnt.

August Smart Lock Pro:

Sometimes, an old-fashioned lock just doesn’t provide enough security from unwanted visitors at your property, nosey pets or pesky children who manage to get into the sweet cupboard even though you have told them “no” a considerable number of times. A way to avoid this is to invest in the August Smart Lock Pro, the top smart home lock. With an installation time of ten minutes, this nifty lock is a keyless device that can be controlled remotely via your smartphone.


They say people do their best thinking in the shower. If your creativity flourished while taking a shower or soaking in a bath, then the AquaNotes device is the perfect home addition for you. The gadget is a waterproof notepad that can be used in any moisture-filled environment, so if a thought comes to you mid-shower or bath, you can jot it down instantly.

Smart Smoke Detector:

Smoke detectors are essential for any home- however, the life saving devices are prone to breaking, not working, or being alarmed over the slightest bit of smoke coming from the stove. Instead of projecting a single alarm tone, the device speaks clearly to alert you about smoke, an ongoing fire or if there is an abundance of carbon monoxide in a part of your home.

Smart Robot Hoover:

Say goodbye to the labour intensive chore of hoovering. Although the smart robot hoover, also known as iRobot Roomba i7+ comes with a staggering price tag, reviews have claimed the device is worth every penny. Coming with a charging base, the robot can be set to a schedule or timer to clean all areas of your house- cleverly avoiding steps or objects that get in the way. They have a built-in sealable bag which is emptied back at the station, and variations of the robot are not only able to hoover but also mop.

Smart Plug:

There’s no feeling of terror quite like leaving the house and remembering you have left the iron, or your hair straighteners plugged into the wall. The instant image of your house burning down instills horror in us all- but thankfully, there is a way to get around this. Investing in a smart plug is a great way to avoid this. Not only can you turn the plugs in your home off remotely via a smartphone app, but you can also set a schedule and timer for switches to be turned on and off.

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