Smart Tips for Hiring the Best Door Installation Company in DC!

Unlike other home improvement projects around a house, installing a new front door by yourself is not easy. Even the slightest mistake could impair the process, making it more challenging to complete the project. So, where do you turn to in order to get the job done right?

It is wise to hire the best door installation service you can find to ensure that your door is installed correctly, looks great, and provides maximum comfort and security. A lot of different companies offer these services, but not all are created equal.

Listed below, you’ll find our best tips for choosing a reliable door installation company in DC.

Check Out Previous Door Installation Projects

Getting a look at a company’s portfolio is an excellent way to determine how reliable they are. Approximately how many doors have they installed? Have they installed similar types of doors before? How will they resolve any issues with the installation? An established and reliable business will know the answers to these questions. 

Make Sure They Choose the Right Door

Occasionally, companies sell only one type of door product, and they leave the installation up to you. This problematic step is unnecessary. Choose a company that offers a variety of doors and professional installation. A turnkey service will save you time and money.

For example, a company like MacArthur Locks and Doors carries a large selection of custom and traditional brand named doors and many different styles, designs, material types, glass options, and finishing touches. They help you with and door installation in DC.

Keep A Close Eye On Customer Service

A salesperson who comes to your door selling windows and doors is likely to be courteous and informative. However, they are only selling you the door. It is wiser to work with a company that offers a complete door installation service. Pay close attention to the details and the level of customer care you receive. The best door companies don’t just sell doors to people – they recommend appropriate solutions based on noise reduction and material type. Rather than simply selling you any door, ensure that the company focuses on YOU and your needs.

They are familiar with local building codes

It is preferable to hire a local door installation company as they will know more about the building codes in your area. A door on an attached garage door, for instance, may be considered a fire door that must comply with local regulations. To find the right door for your home, a door installation company will know which ones are appropriate.

Lastly, many homeowner associations have a lot of rules and requirements relating to what can be done to the exterior of the home.

As part of code requirements, residential properties must also have two exit doors or one exit door on each side of the house. You can create a safer home by learning about these codes from a professional door installation company.

Furthermore, many homeowner associations have rules and requirements about what one may and may not do to the exterior of their homes. Changing your doors is one such requirement.

With these tips, you can choose a qualified and professional door installation service that you can trust. Get in touch with MacArthur Locks and Doors today to learn more about our one-stop-shop service for door installation in DC.

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