So If The Bible Is True

There is hell in the back of your mind … you can still go where you want, do whatever you want, try to ignore it, but it slips into view again … is this whole Bible really true ?!

Oh, the old dilemma. If you acknowledge and believe that the Bible is true and true, it may mean that some major lifestyle changes may be needed, which means that we may be uncomfortable taking some comments from everyone we come in contact with. I believe that change will continue. This means hard work, dedication to learning and new learning, dedication to what we now believe in, and responsibility to a boss higher than our boss! It’s not that much fun … but is it worth it to be cool now and burn out later? It is very difficult to believe in the afterlife, while living in the present seems very easy. It’s up to you, but at least take the time to study and make smart decisions.

When you are looking to buy a new car, do you look at many things and check all the things about them or study or research articles or reports about them start reading,

Test or then make a decision?

When you buy a house, when you buy a house, you don’t look around, look inside, ask how the house was built, who built it, study quality and efficiency, consider the price, look at future value and value, and then build. Is it a wise decision? of course!

If so, this is what I offer you now. While in this world, you have heard of many man-made theories and atheistic views. Now I urge you, under whose right to study and study the Bible on your own, look around, look inside and study how it is written, think about the value of believing or not believing, and consider the future consequences. Now, the afterlife, and then make an intelligent, well-informed decision for yourself. Don’t believe what someone tells you. You have the resources to study and discover for yourself. Put aside learned reactions and prejudices and study with an open mind and an open heart. You don’t want to be hampered by emotions and teachings, you want to make a decision that is really intelligent and well-informed, and you can’t do that if you keep mental baggage around to influence that decision.

Think for yourself what you are learning.

Asking someone with whom you communicate regularly can lead to a biased opinion based on their limited training, exposure, experience, teaching, and interpretation. You need a pure, impartial point of view that comes only from self-learning. Of course, you may have questions, not all of which are obvious to you, but the basics, the plan of salvation that tells you exactly what is right or wrong, or what God has promised you, and these things are very clear and clear in The Bible learn more.

As you study on your own, you may find that you are more likely to read or listen to certain religious teachings, sermons, or speeches. I recommend all of this by looking at them from an earthly and human perspective, not as the Bible reveals. Also, since you have questions in your research and studies, remember that not every little detail we ask is a lifeline. I mean, even Paul, the writer of Corinth, states in I Corinthians 13:11 when I wrote to the churches in Corinth: In other words, we do not understand everything now, but if we believe and be saved, the day will come when everything will be revealed to us after this material life. Many of the questions we have at the moment cannot be answered here either. the whole question of faith becomes relevant.

Still, don’t get down to the whole idea of ​​faith. In order for someone to believe in anything, you need to know them well and believe that what you have been given by this source is true and meaningful and something you can trust because you never has contradicted what you have been told. “Faith comes through listening,” hearing comes from learning. You are for religion

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