All You Need To Know About Script Breakdown

Script Breakdown

One of the most important steps of the pre-production process is script breakdown, and without completing it, you cannot move to the production process. Once you have a film script in your hand, it does not mean that you are ready to start the shooting, but you need to make all the preparations that will make the filming process easier, and script breakdown will guide your way.

Script breakdown narrates what is happening in each and every scene of the film script and helps you prepare for it accordingly. If you try to prepare after reading one scene and shooting it, it will take you forever to complete the shoot and waste your budget extensively. So, make sure to learn the step-by-step breakdown of the script and follow it for a smooth shooting process.

Dig deeper into this article to article to explore and learn all you need to know about script breakdown and implement it to make your production process easier.

Top 7 Steps to Follow For Script Breakdown

You cannot ace script breakdown by getting a bird’s-eye view. You have to dig into the details to learn and highlight what you need to prepare. Doing it half-heartedly or without having expertise will only add to your losses, so follow the steps and ensure you are ready for the production process.

Here are some of the major steps you need to follow for a perfect script breakdown that makes your filming process easier ad effective.

1.    Explore Script as a Viewer

The first and foremost step you should follow for a smooth script breakdown is exploring it as a viewer. Go through the script as a viewer or third person who is exploring it for the first time to get a better idea about its strengths and weaknesses. Doing so is not easy at all for the amateurs; therefore, many filmmakers hire film production Dubai based companies and entrust the professionals with the task, so their success is not compromised.

2.    Highlight Formatting Errors

The next step you need to follow for script breakdown is highlighting the formatting error. These errors can be in terms of spelling mistakes, misplaced punctuation, or even sections of dialogues, scene numbers, scene locations, and pages misplaced. You might be able to spot the issues easily and plan to correct them while filming; however, the software will not be able to catch them and can lead to major issues during shooting.

3.    Separate Production Elements

The next step you need to follow for breaking down the script is separating the production elements. These include the details of cast, crew, dressing, costumes, props, set design, extras, vehicles, and sound effects. You need to focus only on what is happening in the script and dialogues. In other words, you need to focus on the action in the scene during script breakdown.

4.    Break Script into 8ths

The next you should follow for an effective script breakdown is breaking the script into 8ths. It is a professional term which means that you need to break the script page into eight parts of one inch each. These parts will help you focus on what is happening in that particular part and how you need to prepare for camera work, and other manage other details accordingly.

5.    Pay Attention to Script Elements

Another important step you need to follow for script breakdown is paying attention to the script elements. You need to read the script from scene to scene and line to line to break down all the elements. It is crucial to ensure so that you do not end up missing important details and only come to notice them while filming, which will delay the shoot too.

6.    Use Various Colors for Distinction

One of the most important steps of the script breakdown process is using various colors for distinction. When you are separating the production or script elements, you can use strips of various colors which will help them distinguish from each other. for instance, if you are breaking down scene one, you can pick a strip of yellow color and mark on everything that should be considered or taken care in the scene one.

7.    Use Strip Board to Create Schedule

The last step in the process of breaking down the script is using the stripboard to create the schedule. The whole purpose of script breakdown is to make the filming schedule that does not skip anything important and ensures everything is handled smoothly. You have the chance of messing it up if you lack expertise. So, hire film production Dubai based companies and let the expert take charge of script breakdown to ensure a smooth schedule and shooting process.

Are you struggling with script breakdown?

Well, it is a difficult task to accomplish. That is why it requires the skill and expertise of professionals.

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