Striking Strategy: How to Plan Instagram Content?

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Striking Strategy: How to Plan increase followers on Instagram Content? There are no even arguments and doubts about whether you should make up a content plan for your Instagram account or not. You MUST! If you take your account seriously if you genuinely believe that it’s your vacation to run a blog and enlighten people about things you are good at, if you are serious-minded about your business promotion, you wouldn’t be able to reach the desired results without a proper content plan! how to increase followers on Instagram: superviral

Let’s start with the basics and move a little bit deeper to some tricks, not every marketer knows. If you want to get to know how to plan Instagram content, keep reading, and don’t forget to make notes!


A content plan for Instagram is a plan of future Instagram posts, which is created for weeks and even months upfront. how to get paid followers on instagram

In case you are eager to avoid such problems as the lack of ideas for the publishing, in case you wish the info you communicate to be not a puzzle-headed set of thoughts and plots but a perfect strategic tool for your business, you need a plan which will work for your needs and help you to achieve the intended effect.

For your IG posts to get the maximum reach and appear not only in your followers’ Feed but in the Recommendation section too, regular posting is a must-do. And it can be achieved only using a content plan which you should follow rigorously.


1. Choose the type of your account

There are 3 variants of a content organization on IG: an educational account, a platform for selling, and a personal blog. This form depends on the aims and niche you choose.

Informational. This type of content is used primarily for the promotion of some training courses. Or you can create such an account and through educational content show that you are an expert in your field.

The basic strategy, in that case, will be the creation of understandable content which moves you far from your competitors in order of usefulness.

A platform for selling. In other words, you open an online store on IG. Here you need to mix your selling posts with entertaining and informational content and share personal info sometimes.

Personal blog. You also can sell from your blog. In this case, you tell people about your life, covering one or two topics ( closely related to one another). The link to your service/product is placed in the Bio of your profile.

2. Model the content structure

Based on the type of account, make out the profile accordingly. If you choose the selling platform, write selling texts, but do not be too intrusive. If you overwhelm your audience with selling posts and do not tell stories, you will not be any different from other accounts. If you sell a little, you’ll get the feeling that you are not committed to your business. On the training account, the emphasis is laid on super-usefulness, but if you add a little personal / selling content, it won’t hurt you. For a personal blog, you need to have charisma, plus you still have to make it thematic: one or two topics that will go through the whole blog. When you analyze the content plan, see which posts were ignored to a certain extent, and get rid of them.

3. Highlight key points

A brand is not only about colors and symbols. It’s what your consumers expect of you. Are you attentive? Are you trying to present the information? Show that in your posts. If your approach to business is non-standard, approach the content creation unconventionally. how to increase followers on Instagram fast:


  • For selling posts:
  • Product description.
  • Write briefly as if talking to a friend, but do not forget to clip customers
  • Identify key product benefits. They must be meaningful. The first few lines should grab your followers.
  • Specify the target audience. It should be recognizable. The purpose of the text is not just to sell but to sell to a specific category of consumers.

Set the time frame during which the product will be on sale (if any).

Specify the price. Thus, you make the purchase convenient. The easier for your follower to find an analog, the less chance he will spend time searching for prices on your account.

New products announcement. Let followers know if you plan to add products or services to the arrangement. Ask for the opinion of the audience, because you work for them. Adjust the suggestion based on likes and comments.

Reviews. Before you add a review, you can ask the buyer extra questions. What exactly did he/she like? How did he/she rate the color, quality, delivery, taste, and material? What knowledge has he/she gained? What would he/she like to change? By publishing a review according to these rules, you will get trust and additional interest in your products. In addition, it is one of the tools to combat objections. Publish reviews regularly.

Products comparison. Describe differences in target audiences. What products will suit different categories of consumers in the best way?

For entertaining/informative posts:

Your rubric. Headings create a sense of online publishing. They distinguish an account from dozens of other similar topics. How to come up with a rubric? Think about what you could talk about regularly, literally non-stop. This is what you are good at.

Trends discussion. It is necessary to write as correctly as possible, focusing attention on the author’s “professional” view. The subject can be any. The main thing is that it correlates with the topic of your account and has a conflict tension around it.

Company news. It is necessary to make a separate rubric and assign the author’s hashtag. Positively describe the news. Be sure to indicate the benefits of your innovations for customers.

Workflow. Open the door to your workshops, and show how the business works from the inside. People are always interested in looking behind the scenes. get more followers on instagram

That can be a lot of things: the company’s mission and philosophy, the story of your company’s birth, stories about what motivates you and your colleagues to go to work, and so on. I’m sure there are lots of things you can share. And do not forget about funny stories, Instagrammers love them.

For personal blog:

Philosophical reflection. Express your thoughts about life and stuff. But before, think about whether there is something you can tell. Have you viewed that through the prism of professional and life experience? If yes, the post will be popular among followers. how to increase more followers on instagram

Your within-individual change. It is not necessary to open your soul and invite followers to walk there, but it is quite possible to reduce the distance between you and the consumers through your personal story.


Sometimes it happens that you simply run out of ideas. Where to find them? There are some sources of inspiration.

  • Followers. Feel free to ask what they are interested in. Offer post options and arrange a pole.
  • Competitors. But do not copy them, write as you see that.
  • Groups on social networks and forums – a goldmine of new topics for posts, it is immediately apparent what is relevant now.
  • Googling the calendar of holidays and birthdays of famous people, and see what you can write about (especially crucial for bloggers).

Your posts were a year ago. The audience is updated, so you can use your old posts. But do not just copy and rewind posts – add how your opinion has changed with expanded rience, and tell us what passed the test of time. Compare yourself then and now (if you are a stylist, makeup artist, etc.). Nostalgia is a trendy topic on which you can collect a lot of comments. how to get paid followers on Instagram:


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