Super Device For Intelligent Office

Super Device For Intelligent Office

A smart office is a modern format of a room equipped with integrated engineering systems, an intelligent multimedia complex and information systems for the comfortable and efficient operation of a company.

Integrated engineering systems and their centralized management are used to implement a smart office. Intelligent office hardware and software involves a variety of integrated engineering systems:

  • Lighting control system.
  • Power supply management system.
  • Climate control system.
  • Personal and technical security management systems.
  • Video conferencing and audio conferencing system over the Internet or local area network.
  • System of cross-connection of multimedia equipment.
  • Integrated centralized control system.

Intelligent office have comprehensive equipment for conference rooms, meeting rooms, as well as situational and multimedia rooms.

Intelligent office includes:

  • Video projection system;
  • Sound reinforcement system;
  • An interactive speaker’s lectern that allows you to independently manage the presentation;
  • Stage lighting system ;
  • Simultaneous translation system;
  • Video recording system;
  • A system of individual voting consoles;
  • Hall-transformer;
  • Control system ( smart home , smart office) with a single user-friendly interface .

telecommunications infrastructure

Smart and Intelligent office

The Smart Office system is an automated control system. As a result, human and automated control systems are equally distributed, with manual control taking priority.

Convenience and ease of management of all the variety of equipment and systems united by the Smart Office are two of its key advantages.

For controlling the system and communicating with it, the whole variety of means is used, from traditional push-button switches of various designs to touch video panels. Further, switches and control panels do not correspond to specific lamps or air conditioners.

The microcontroller-equipped keypad controls lighting in all rooms, as well as climate or music volume, and is part of the Smart Office (Smart Home) system. Programmatically set functionality can be changed at any time for each button.

Touch panels are a multifunctional interactive control system and control over the state of your office.

Smart Office was created with a user interface that meets the wishes of the customer. On touch video panels the plan of any room or surrounding territory is displayed, images from video cameras are deduced. With a light touch on the screen, you can change the operating modes of air conditioners, lighting and other systems, activate any scenario for the operation of the entire complex, and transfer the system to a fully automatic mode.

The Intelligentnt Office system can be controlled from a personal computer or laptop connected to a local or Internet network.

Rapidly developing remote access technologies via the Internet or mobile systems allow you to control and manage the processes taking place in the office, being far from it.

To increase comfort, the Smart Office control system can have a set of typical “scenarios” of automated work with fixed preset settings.

One automation system connects lighting, socket network, security systems and air conditioning systems, multimedia, telecommunications, which allows you to control and change the conditions in a complex way. At the time of installation, these settings are determined by the customer and programmed.

When the Smart Office system is operating according to any “scenario”, the customer can quickly change the operation parameters of all devices using any control panel.

The Intelligent Office will notify the owner of emergencies and emergencies with a phone call or SMS message, and if he is instructed, he will get through to special services (police, fire department …).

User Management Functionality:

Through a separate embedded touch panel, or via the management interface, you can access the following features:

Chartographic access control to the complex’s premises, opening, closing doors, blocking the entrance, communication with external visitors

  • Climate control (adjustment of climatic parameters)
  • All incoming calls, faxes will be displayed on the interface, the possibility of their redirection and forwarding to intelligent mode depending on the operating mode.
  • Communication with the senior manager: visual, voice, messages that will be displayed on the manger’s computer and on the plasma panel, irrespective of what displays on them.
  • The output of incoming mail and facsimile messages, including the possibility of their instant redirection to the manager’s PC with a notification on the plasma panel to the manager.
  • Planning of meetings and business negotiations with the conclusion of the head of his daily routine on the plasma panel.
  • Notification of attendance personnel visits (cleaners, administrators, time)
  • Preset climatic and scenario parameters in meeting rooms (without leaving the place)
  • Making branded media content available in the waiting room and meeting rooms (without leaving the premises)
  • Access to engineering systems providing information on serviceability and malfunctions (automatically contacting servicemen)
  • If you need to be notified in an emergency, you can use SMS
  • Possibility of SMS control
  • Possibility of remote work of the secretary via the Internet and a public address system.

Information Security

  • Active eavesdropping protection
  • Active recording
  • Jamming system 
  • GSM signal 
  • Information components suppression system in the power supply network
  • Acoustic vibration dampenersystem  
  • Information security system
  • As part of a meeting or negotiation (according to the scenario), the system will automatically activate.
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