The 12 best Barcelona Wine Bars

The 12 best Barcelona Wine Bars

The 12 best Barcelona Wine Bars The twelve best city Wine Bars Wine aficionados square measure aiming to be happy to know. These sensible fortified wine bars will certainly agitate variety of the foremost effective in land. Albeit it’s aiming to ne’er quite match Navarra, La vino or the Basque Country throughout this department.

Which means you’ll dig red, white, pink, fizzy, by the glass or by the bottle here. And despite you fancy, this list’s got it more and more. Native wines populate the menus of the right port bars, bodegas and restaurants. With this guide, you don’t ought to be associate degree knowledgeable. merely pop on, ask, and thus the server will assist you choose for what most accurately fits you.

1. Monvinic

If you’ve got an advanced roof of the mouth, you may not want to miss a visit to Monvínic, the merchandise of Sergi Ferrer-Salat and a bar edifice that has become painting over the years. Even heaps of so since Ariadna pol took over throughout a space that cooks up exquisite dishes in every sense. in addition to the bar (the cellar boasts three,000 varieties), building and finish interior decoration, there’s put together a library, lounges, and thus the privileged chef’s table inside the space.

2. will Cisa / Bar Brutal

In the pleasantly cool, shadowy interior of can Cisa, you’ll appreciate the care that’s gone into the restoration of a neighbourhood bar. Their reverence for the tradition of buying wine from the barrel, and a few native pressure, persuaded them to combine a classic store at the entrance, with a bar at the rear. They stock 300 wines, all from organic or bio-dynamic producers around the world, creating the feeling of a district old-style faucet house that sells alcoholic beverage.

3. Port Vila Viniteca

You’ll realize this look inside the center of the Born. It’s got an honest national and international alternative and is one all told the foremost necessary wine distributors in Europe. If you’d prefer to try to do a assemblage, you’ll settle in at one all told the four tables and follow the recommendations of Eva capital.

The Pétalos del Bierzo wine was as refined as I’ve ever had, and it paired incredibly with every the cheese and meats i tried more. Yes, they even have an honest food section: capital Viniteca is one all told those places where you’ll therefore vogue the planet: the planet of fine wines, refined cheeses, and select cured meats.

4. complex body part d’Ombra

After visiting metropolis, a number of friends determined to line up their own bar in port that runs on constant philosophy as our neighbor country, gap a vicinity where you’ll be ready to drink wine and have a nibble. The love of Italian culture is clear here, where they wines from around European country additionally as associate degree honest alternative of Italian wines they like, and additionally the modern Venetian spritz.

If you would like to remain around and have some goat’s cheese croquettes or peninsula ham beside your bottle, you’ll got to pay atiny low service charge fee, a degree where this spot differs from its Italian counterparts, international organisation agency blithely pile heaps of and heaps of food on the bar or your table at no more charge.

5. LAnima del Vi

At L’Anima del Vi, they only work with natural wines with no additives that have managed to avoid chemical interference and human manipulation to achieve your roof of the mouth in their purest state. you’ll put together get some nice chuck here, a bit like the extraordinary octopus and dish or a fragile pate.

You are during a stylish Catalan-French mash-up. but their passion for natural wines is what very makes the gathering at L’Ànima del Vi one issue of associate degree imposing exhibition of kinds that typically, unfairly, diminishes the role of the limited treasures from the space inside the rear.

6. La Vinoteca Torres

La Vinoteca Torres, the bar from the viticultural huge with degree organic soul, options a goal to be spoken as a delightful and cosy place, that stands out for its prime gastronomy and harmony with the wines. therefore it is: the menu is filled with dishes that unit of measurement easy to do, well thought-out and fascinating, with a nod to Penedès product – a large hit is that the chicken from Vilafranca, glazed with shallot and carrots. and thus the wine list options one thousand varieties by the glass or by the bottle that you {just} just won’t be able to vogue in mere one visit.

7. Els Sortidors del Parlament

Lovers of fantastic wine and tapas square measure aiming to be happy here. At Els Sortidors del Parlament they supply a stunning alternative of wines from around the world, with an honest vary of sorts from district, all at search prices and with a service fee charge of around €5. Propped against a barrel, you’ll be ready to get pleasure from a drink with elect cured meats and preserved merchandise, and strange tapas just like the quail egg dish with black truffle oil.

8. Casa Mariol bar

At the Casa Mariol bar, that’s a part of the look of identical name, you’ll want the likelihood to urge to understand Suau, which will be a version of a drink (a mixture of soda and coffee) that was widespread inside the Ribera Delaware l’Ebre region decades past. you’ll in addition vogue cask wines from the Ebre, amid a pleasing ‘clotxa’ (bread choked with herring, onions, tomatoes and garlic), therefore prime it all off with delicious cakes from Batea (a town in addition inside the Ebre).

9. El Diset

Just next to the Passeig del Born, El Diset boasts a wine list with over sixty Spanish wines, in addition as bottles from France, Italy, land and European nation. you’re encircled by bottle-filled fridges with all the colours inside the wine rainbow: white, rose, red and sparkling. And handily enough, typically|this can be} often one all told the few places in city city you’ll vogue champagne by the glass.

While not having to buy for the total bottle. they have an honest set up of what price suggests that, and thus the snack menu doesn’t come up short, that features good matches for despite you fancy, along with artisanal meat and cheeses, land ham, foie, Portuguese octopus and different delicacies.

10. Bar Salvatge

Bar Salvatge is associate innovative and trendy spot with the aim of sharing the culture of natural wine with everyone. they supply wine by the glass at fabulously refreshing prices ranging from €2 to €6. The wine is served out of eight rotating tapped  barrels, and one choked with Rubén Parera wine. Parera in addition happens to be answerable for the within vogue, that choices several wood, beautiful posters of wine fairs, and a wild noble gas sign in the ceiling that bathes the place in light-weight. They in addition provide associate degree honest alternative of snacks to remain one issue in your belly.

11. El Petit Celler

What makes this spot one in every of a kind ar its 250 stratospheric wines from all over the world. we’ve got a bent to cannot responsibly say that the bulk of the wines return at a cheap worth, but there ar a minimum of some cheaper selections that vogue at the same time as wise to the undisciplined surface. A glass of mint-leaf burgundy goes for €97.

However the particular proven fact. That you merely can get a glass whereas not having to buy. For the full bottle is attributable to the Coravin dispenser they need, that allows the wine to be extracted whereas not gap the bottle. And for associate degree amiable €3 you’ll still attempt superb wines like Vinyes Velles 2014 Ferrer Bobet.

12. Celler Delaware will Dani

This Gràcia cellar par excellence has attained its name with over twenty 5 years of delivery the exciting world of wine to connoisseurs and new fans. in addition to its thorough cellar, another strength is that they organise tastings and pairings.

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