The 8 Common Mistakes People Make With Packaging Boxes

Choosing the right packaging boxes will create an ultimate high-end experience for your customers, but you need to consider many aspects when creating the right design.

It is essential to know what to pay attention to when designing your gift box if you want to give the impression of prestige. The packaging of luxury products carries a higher degree of responsibility for companies that sell them. An audience with above-average expectations can detect even the most minor design flaws.

Complicated Designs

There is always more to be said about luxury packaging regarding its design. Despite being bold in appearance, product packaging should also provide clear information that tells the customer what to expect from what is inside. You risk losing the customer’s attention if your design has fewer colors, graphics, or information.

Prioritizing the essential is at the heart of minimalist design. Your customers will understand if you use a simple design that displays a clear brand identity and highlights the product’s key selling points.

Errors in Spelling  

Your business spends a lot of money on packaging recalls to replace spelling and grammar mistakes and embarrassment. This mistake also needs to reflect better on your brand’s professionalism and attention to detail, ultimately detrimental to its reputation. Especially when it comes to packaging design, clear and concise communication is vital. As a result, customers become more trusting, reliable, and connected to you. To ensure consistency throughout your branding, order samples of your packaging and inspect every aspect of it with the help of a team of professionals to catch any minuscule spelling or vocabulary errors. 

Empty Spaces  

To achieve a healthy balance in your packaging design, you should consider blank spaces. A generic package won’t wow your customers, but excessive artwork designs and text will. Creating packaging that appeals to consumers requires clarity, conciseness, and aesthetics. Your design may appear cluttered with vibrant colors, removing focus from the product name or other more crucial elements. To stand out, you should strategically place white spaces to establish contrast.

The Print or Label is Not Readable 

Your customers will only be able to read your prints or labels if they can read them. Not only are you removing value from the packaging, but you are also creating friction and potentially frustrating shopping experiences. Avoiding this packaging design mistake at all costs is the thing you should do. Your product can be helpful when ingredient lists or important guidelines are clear. Illegible prints are similar to typographical errors, which reflect poorly on your brand if they are not carefully crafted. 

Printing Outdated Designs

Customers want everything, including packaging, to be the latest design. It will only appeal to them if you use updated packaging designs. Consider updating your packaging design to stay competitive and position yourself as an industry leader. The first step to achieving this is to invest in seasonal packaging instead of mass-producing the same design all year round. You may also want to experiment with new packaging and printing designs.

Non-Eco-Friendly Printing Materials

Especially if your products appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, modern consumers expect businesses to conduct business in an environmentally friendly manner. There are several eco-friendly packaging options available for businesses. However, many need to realize how many options there are and end up using traditional packaging. The time has come to move to eco-friendly printing materials and packaging if you sell healthy food or appeal to high-end buyers.

Printing with Ordinary Ink

With ordinary inks, ordinary bags can be printed. However, special inks, such as metallic, neon colors, reflective, and glow-in-the-dark inks, enable bags with attention-grabbing details to stand out. Some industries, like cannabis, where competition is stiff, may benefit from this type of pizazz. 

The Logo on Your Package Is Too Big

Your custom-printed bag should have your logo in the center but not too large. Giant logos can be intimidating and off-putting, making your brand appear aggressive. Make sure the size of your logo is proportional to the bag’s size. It is possible with the help of a good designer. 

Faisal Sheikh