The athenaOne Mobile App Enhances the Practice of Medicine

AthenaOne EHR Software

Designed to improve patient outcomes and enhance the practice of medicine, the athenaOne mobile app is a secure mobile extension of the athenaClinicals EHR solution. This mobile app gives physicians and medical staff real-time access to patient records. It also helps physicians improve the quality of care by enabling them to manage and document patient exams and respond to cases.

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The athenaOne app offers a simple interface that is intuitive to use. The app provides physicians with access to patient records anytime and anywhere, including iOS mobile devices. Its mobile-embedded voice recognition features help physicians reduce physician burnout and complete meaningful clinical tasks faster. Its secure order transmission allows providers to quickly and safely submit orders to a patient’s pharmacy. It also provides access to lab results and prescriptions, and it includes drug dosing information.

The athenaOne mobile app was developed to support the practice of medicine in a busy, time-sensitive environment. It is a comprehensive mobile application that gives physicians and medical staff real-time access, allowing them to manage and respond to patient cases, review patient clinical documents, create orders, and manage their inbox. The app has been updated to provide a new look and simplified user interface. It is available to download in waves starting November. The athenaOne mobile app includes a fully integrated EHR, and it is designed to support physicians and medical staff at all levels.

In addition to providing mobile access to patient records, the athenaOne app helps physicians manage their daily schedules and prepare for upcoming visits. It provides a complete appointment schedule on a single screen. It includes secure order transmission, a daily calendar, and a calendar view of appointments. This also features a patient portal that allows patients to view their appointments, sign forms, and pay their bills. The app also offers a video conferencing feature for telehealth calls, and allows users to videoconference with up to four other caregivers.


The athenaOne app integrates with athenaClinicals, which allows doctors to access patient records and manage their inbox. The athenaOne app also offers a secure order transmission, allowing physicians to quickly and safely submit orders to a customer’s pharmacy. It also provides access to drug dosing information and allows doctors to track physician orders. It also includes a patient portal, which allows patients to view their appointments, pay their bills, and view their history.

AthenaOne is an EHR system that allows physicians to access patient records and manage their inbox, and it is a suitable software solution for medical practices and labs. Its cloud-based solution helps providers get lab results faster and eliminates the risk of losing vital patient records. It is also HIPAA-compliant. It is the perfect solution for small to medium-sized medical practices.

AthenaHealth is the leading provider of network-enabled software and services. It provides cloud-based solutions to help providers access patient records and health records from mobile devices. It also provides a seamless patient experience and HIPAA-compliant billing, which is a critical component of patient care.

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