The Best FMWhatsApp APK Features (Must Download This App)

The Best FMWhatsApp APK Features (Must Download This App)

If you’re looking for a free instant messenger application packed with the latest features, FMWhatsApp is an excellent option. This application includes an in-built app lock to protect your chats from unauthorized access. Using this feature, you’ll be able to share your status and download messages without worrying about them being read by others.

Download FMWhatsapp to allow you to add as many hidden chats as possible.

Original Version of WhatsApp

Another feature of FMWhatsApp APK is the ability to freeze your last seen, which prevents your friends from seeing you. This feature is expected to be added to the original version of WhatsApp in the future, but it’s already available in the FMWA. As phone calls and SMS are becoming less reliable and time-consuming.

GBWhatsApp gives you the ability to text your friends anonymously without giving them your phone number, Download GB Whatsapp.

Reliable Instant Messaging App

Another excellent feature of FMWhatsApp APK is its ability to send large files. The app is also compatible with videos up to 50MB. It also has a feature that allows you to place your recipient in Do Not Disturb mode, which helps protect your privacy and secure your conversations. These features make FMWhatsApp a must-have for any Android device. FMWhatsApp is the best alternative for those looking for a reliable instant messaging app:

·        Another essential feature that FMWhatsApp has is its anti-delete status feature.

·        This feature is highly convenient and allows you to read your friends’ statuses without letting them know about it.

GBWhatsapp Pro APK is also perfect for people who want to stalk their friends’ statuses.

Anti-Delete Feature

Apart from these features, FM Whatsapp Download also has several customization options. You can change the look of your application’s home screen, notification icon, and the background image. It also allows you to hide contacts you don’t want to see on your home screen. Its anti-delete feature also makes the app more secure and private. You can also customize the chat bubbles and hide your contact list with this application.

DND Mode

FM Whatsapp Download is an advanced version of WhatsApp that allows you to customize every aspect of your experience. Not only can you customize everything about your messages, you can even hide your online status, see deleted messages, and turn on DND mode. You can also disable your internet connection while using FMWhatsApp.

Extensive Emoji Library

FMWhatsApp has an extensive emoji library. It includes emojis from Facebook, Emoji One v3, and Stock. This eliminates the need to use other applications to search for emojis. This app has tons of emojis, making it an ideal option for anyone who loves emojis.

Prominent Feature of FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp APK also supports sending large files. Another prominent feature of FMWhatsApp is that it allows you to create large groups. You can add up to 500 members to these groups. The limits are much higher than those of the original WhatsApp app.

Before you start downloading FMWhatsApp, be sure to update your Android phone to the latest version. If you’re using an older version, you may see error messages. This means that your device has insufficient space or a slow Internet connection. It’s also possible that your router is causing the problem. If it is, you should try restarting it to ensure a more stable connection.

You must also ensure you have enough space on your device to Download YO Whatsapp.

Free & Popular Messenger App

FMWhatsApp is a free and popular messenger app. It solves many problems in WhatsApp, such as font and theme issues. However, it requires you to have an account on Mega or Dropbox. You can simply back up your app using these services if you have these accounts. In case of problems, you can always reinstall the app on your phone. However, Google Drive backup is not supported by FMWhatsApp.

Once you have installed the app, you will have to sign in to the application. If you are using an Android device, you must enable the security settings of your device. After enabling the security settings, you can download the FMWhatsApp APK file to your device. After downloading the application, open the file and tap “Install”. It will prompt you to enter your phone number and send a verification code.

Settings Menu

Users can also set who can call them. The app also has the option to hide the last seen feature. If you don’t want to see your friends’ messages, you can enable this feature from the settings menu. You can also enable the anti-delete feature.

Lastly, Fouad WhatsApp Download has many other features that make it an excellent alternative to WhatsApp.


The app can handle large media files and send different file formats. In addition, it also offers theme customization options. You can change the colour scheme of the application and the notification icons. It also supports multiple accounts. And it has a clean interface. Whether you’re looking for a new messaging app or want to customize your phone’s appearance, FMWhatsApp has it all!

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