The best wedding hair extensions of 2022

Have you ever checked out a Pinterest board of bridal hairstyles and thought to yourself, “How in the world can those brides have such great hair?” The answer is almost certainly very straightforward- hair extensions! A few precisely placed hair extensions, in addition to styling tools, hairspray, and the skills of an experienced stylist might be the key to the bridal hairdo of your dreams.

Whether you want hair extensions in chennai or short hair, wavy or straight hair, colored or completely natural hair, we have the 8 greatest hair extensions from the experts to make your wedding look even better! But before we reveal our eight hair extensions, we will lay out the most popular hair extensions worn by brides based on the duration. 

Popular Wedding Hair Extensions 

There are a plethora of choices available, varying from temporary to semi-permanent, with practically infinite options within each type of hair extension.

  • Clip-in hair extensions: This is the only method we recommend if you don’t want to commit to extensions. Clip-in extensions are only temporary and can be removed by the end of the wedding day. You can achieve long layered hair with bangs hairstyle through clip-in bangs without cutting your hair! 
  • Tape-in hair extensions: Tape-in extensions are small patches of hair that are taped to your hair. Tape-in extensions are one of the greatest options if you have thin hair; the extensions are thin and leave you with an ultra-natural look!
  • Sew-in/ weave-in extensions: Of all the extensions mentioned in this list, sew-in extensions are one of the most long-lasting installations. Your hair is braided down, and wefts of hair are sewed into the braids in this installation process. Don’t worry; the installation procedure is completely painless. 
  • Fusion extensions: This is another popular type of extension that lasts up to 3 months! If you want to wake up with beautiful hair the morning after your wedding, then fusion hair extensions are for you! Individual beads with hair are linked at the root to give a natural and seamless appearance. 

8 Best Extensions For Wedding

Long hair with bangs tucked away

You now know that many of the stunning bridal and wedding hairstyles you come across are achieved with extensions, and you’ve learned about the most popular types of extensions; now it’s time to look at the 8 best extensions.

Whether you want a chic side bangs hairstyle, long layered hair with bangs, or colored styles, the following extensions will help you achieve it! 

  1. 10 Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions 

Sonam Kapoor-inspired long hair with bangs tucked 

Whether you want volume, length, color, or a natural look, this 10 Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions is a fantastic option. The 10 Piece set allows you to wear almost any hairstyle, and you can get it heat-styled to create curls and waves. 

Waterfall braids, side-swept bangs hairstyle, mini half-up, half-down, and finger wave hairstyles are some of the most popular wedding hairstyles you can achieve with this stunning 10 Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions. 

  1. LUXE 10 Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions 

Style inspiration for your short hair with bangs 

The LUXE 10 Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions is a great alternative if you want a seamless blend, length, color, and volume to your hair. The extension is available in a wavy texture. However, it can be curled or straightened as per your wedding hairstyle goals. 

Pro Tip: You can wear only a few pieces from the LUXE 10 Piece Clip-In Extensions if you want a length more than volume. 

  1. 5 Clip Volumizing Extensions

So many ways to style your volumizing extensions! 

The 5 Clip Volimzer is another one of the best wedding hair extensions. The clip-in hair extension is available in various lengths, 18 inches being the shortest! Achieve long locks and enviable volume with ease!

On your wedding day, with the 5 Clip Volumizer, you can even add a mesmerizing color to your look. Whether it’s a twisted braid, halo-style, loose waves, or shiny, defined curls, this extension will give you all that and more. You can also use the volumizing extensions to achieve long layered hair with bangs

  1. Classic Fringe Extension

Recreate the iconic bangs hairstyle with clip-in bangs 

You want to look and feel wonderful from top to bottom on your wedding day. And if you want to achieve that without many extensions, we recommend the Classic Fringe Clip-In Extension.

This 10-inch clip-in hair bangs frames your face, and the side fringes make your face appear slimmer! Enjoy instant makeover with the clip-in bangs extension during your wedding rituals. 

  1. Clip-In Ponytail Extension

Long hair with bangs in a chignon bun 

A lot goes in while preparing for weddings, and hair is no different. There are several lovely ways to select and style your wedding hair extensions. We have a timeless alternative for you if you want a lovely updo for the Sangeet or Mehendi ceremony! Ponytail Clip-In Hair Extension.

There are many styles you can wear with ponytail extensions. However, our favorite is a voluminous chignon with beautiful wavy patterns throughout! A celebratory occasion needs a beautiful and modern chignon. 

Pro Tip: Go for a ponytail extension that’s a shade lighter than your natural color to make the chignon stand out!

  1. 6 Clip Fishnet Hair Extension 

Stunning and seamless 

The 6 Clip Fishnet Hair Extension is an amazing choice for your wedding. The extension has 6 clips that hold one unit of extension together. You need to open up the fishnet to enjoy instant volume and length- with a single extension!! 

Go with either 22 or 26-inch Clip-In Fishnet Hair Extension and enjoy a dramatic length! The extension is also a great way to switch from short hair with bangs to long hair with bangs without waiting for hair growth! 

Like the best wedding hair extensions mentioned above, the 6 Clip Fishnet Extension is also available in various colors!

  1. Tapered 10 Piece Clip-In Extensions 

Side bangs hairstyle 

This Tapered 10 Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions provide a beautifully tapered look, helps add length volume, and integrates into your real hair. Since the wedding hair extension is made of human hair, you can dye, heat-style, and treat it like natural hair. 

The tapered ends blend well with a side bangs hairstyle.

  1. Clip-In Hilite Extensions 

Choose bold or subtle Hilites 

Wondering what makes the Clip-In Hitlite Extensions one of the best for weddings? These extensions add beautiful hues to your wedding ensemble and make you stand out on your special day. Since these extensions are already colored, you need to figure out where to install them. 

Like the seven best human hair extensions mentioned above, Clip-In Hilites are also easy to install and available in a ton of vibrant colors! 


There you have it! 8 of the best wedding hair extensions in 2022, based on popularity and ease of use. With the wedding extensions mentioned above, you, too, can become the face of stunning bridal hairstyles. Try out hairstyles before your big day with bangs hair extensions, short hair with bangs, ponytail extensions, and long layered hair with bangs through long extensions.
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