The Coolest Online Games for Kids to Play

Coolest Online Games for Kids

As far back as we’ve been able to tell, humans have loved playing games . . . and our love of gaming doesn’t appear to be waning anytime soon. If you’re looking for games that you can play with your kids, check out the following list to find some of the best options on the web today. We’ve included links so that you can try them right away!

Virtual Reality Games

If you’ve ever wished you could take your favorite game off your computer screen and into reality, VR might be just what you’re looking for sgroupp. Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of an environment that can stimulate all of your senses, replicating a real-life experience in a way that feels almost real. While virtual reality technology isn’t quite main stream yet, major gaming developers are already seeing its potential—which means we’ll see it even sooner. We may not all be able to afford high-end gaming systems anytime soon, but luckily there are plenty of options available online if you’re looking to bring VR into your life! Below are some of our picks for best online games to play today 2 Ways to Play: There are two ways to enjoy most online games: on your own or with friends. Many gamers prefer playing alone because they don’t have anyone else who wants to join them—but sometimes it’s nice to connect with other players from around the world and share strategies or tips on how to get through tough levels. Other gamers love playing multiplayer because it adds another layer of excitement; after all, nobody likes losing alone! Whether you choose single player or multiplayer mode, here’s a list of our top 10 favorite games: 1. Super Mario Brothers : This classic series has been around since 1985 and shows no signs of slowing down!

Puzzle/Maze Games

A lot of us grew up playing games like The Incredible Machine and Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Well, technology has improved quite a bit since those simple days, which means there are a ton of cool new puzzle games that kids today can enjoy. In particular, these puzzle/maze games stand out: Monument Valley (iOS), World of Goo (Android and iOS), Pushy Pullyou (Android), The Room Three (iOS) and Enigmo (Android). If you’re an adult who still enjoys doing crosswords or sudoku puzzles for fun, there are also plenty of other puzzle games that you can try too! Do you have some favorite online games? Please share them with us here. We’d love to hear from you! But I Want To Be Social!: Of course, if your kid wants to play something more interactive than just a puzzle game, don’t worry—there are plenty of great options out there too. We’re huge fans of Animal Jam (Android and iOS) at GameZone; it’s got all sorts of activities for players to take part in such as decorating their own animal avatar, discovering hidden secrets around Jamaa, creating relationships with other players through messaging systems, joining clubs based on common interests (such as fashion), solving mysteries…the list goes on. Plus it’s all tied together by really adorable graphics that capture both players’ attention immediately upon logging into their account!

Shooting Games

If you want your kid playing online games and enjoying themselves, look no further than shooting games. No other category of games has such a wide variety of video games that are actually fun. From first-person shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, to third-person action games like Assassin’s Creed or Gears of War, there’s something for everyone. Shooter games are often thrilling enough to hold players’ interest—so much so that kids will continue to play even if they get killed repeatedly by other players. The great thing is that shooter video games help children develop hand-eye coordination as well as reflexes necessary in real life situations.


Card and board games have always been a favorite pastime in homes around America. Our parents used to spend hours playing cards or board games at night with their friends, which led us to think of them as boring (and almost useless) things. However, card and board games are anything but useless; they’re actually great tools for teaching children skills that will help them succeed later in life. You may not think so now, but your child is going to be super grateful you exposed him/her to these wonderful learning tools when he or she is older! Here are some of our favorites 1. Battleship: A classic game where each player takes turns taking shots at others’ ships until one emerges victorious. 2. Scrabble: The beloved word game that lets players compete against each other in teams, or go head-toyou-head against one another, proving who’s smarter than whom.

Sports and Leisure Games

These days, there are a lot of fun and exciting ways that your child can participate in sports and other types of physical activities. These include everything from little league sports teams to gymnastics classes, cheerleading leagues and more. Although these types of things can be a bit pricey, they are great ways for kids to not only be active but also meet new people and learn valuable life skills along the way. Plus, when you choose a sport that is fun—like baseball or hockey—your child might actually look forward to practice every day! And if you think it’s important for your child learn how to work as part of a team—and pick up some positive socialization skills in general—you should think about getting them involved in an activity like t-ball. After all, what better way to teach children teamwork than by having them play on a team? If you want your child to stay busy during their free time and burn off some excess energy at the same time, try signing them up for something like karate lessons. This will give them something constructive to do with their free time while also teaching discipline and respect through martial arts training. If you want your children to learn about different cultures and have fun doing it, why not consider enrolling them in a music class? Music is one of those rare subjects where learning doesn’t feel like work because it’s so much fun! Your children will love learning how to play instruments while picking up new languages at the same time!

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