The First-Timers Guide to Planning A Hen Party

The First-Timers Guide to Planning A Hen Party

Are you planning your first hen do? Don’t be alarmed! Everything you need to know about organizing the games, from selecting a destination to pulling off an outstanding party that the bride-to-be will enjoy is included.

It’s a great honour to be asked to be a bridesmaid, but there’s the little problem of arranging a hen party before you can walk down the aisle with your best buddy! If you’ve never organized a large event like this before, it might be stressful and intimidating.

We’ve put up a step-by-step guide to a hen do planning to ensure that your best friend’s hen does go off without a hitch and is a fitting send-off to single life. The key to success is planning of time and making certain you don’t shoulder the burden of hen party planning alone. Get together with the other

Where To Start When Planning A Hen Party?

The first item on your hen party to-do list should be to contact the bride-to-be. You may have known her from birth and been in her life since you were children, but it’s vital not to take for granted that you know how she’d want to have fun during her hen do.

Consider what the bride likes. Get together with the other bridesmaids

Once you know what type of hen party the bride wants, get together with the rest of the bridesmaids or any hens who want to assist and come up with ideas for the smaller elements. Make careful to complete this phase of preparation as soon as feasible since some hen party concepts may be seasonal or popular and must be booked months ahead.

Ask the bride to make a list of her female friends.

Keep in mind she could have workmates or classmates from the university that you don’t know about, and she’d want to come to the hen so avoid disappointment by asking her to create a guest list with contact information. Also, consider having her arrange the hens in order of preferred attendance so that you can ensure the date you pick favours those friends.

Consider a “sten” do If you’re having a hen party for your closest friends, make sure they’re OK with it. ‘Sten’ dos (where the stag and hen parties are combined) are becoming increasingly popular, and if the couple getting married share the same set of pals, they may all want to celebrate together at one big bash

Consider how many guests you’ll need to cater for. Consider the various sorts of hens that you’ll need to serve. If the bride wants her mother and mother-in-law to join in the hen party but you’re arranging a weekend of nightclubbing, inquire if she’d want two parties or a more leisurely activity like afternoon tea or

Choose The Date Of The Hen Do

Now you’ve got the list of hens sorted, it’s time to think about when the hen party will happen. Inquire with the bride for a few suggested dates and then distribute these amongst the hens. The simplest and most efficient approach to do this is to create a Doodle date poll where hens can check off which date/dates they want to attend

Make sure you stick to deadlines and maintain strict organization. Set a deadline for the hens to respond, there’s always one or two in a group that won’t bother otherwise. Send a calendar invite or create a WhatsApp group message to the hens informing them of the dates (including any time needed for travel on a Friday afternoon for example), then

Work Out the Hen Party Budget

Unless you’re a math whiz, organizing the finances and getting the hens to pay up on time will most likely be the most tedious aspect of the planning. However, before you get down to planning the fun stuff, it’s vital to have your finances in order. It’s pointless falling in love with a fantastic party pad with a swimming pool

Work out how much the hens can afford. Knowing an accurate estimate of the hen party’s budget ahead of time is critical, so you don’t waste time or lose money. In 2019, the typical cost of a hen party in the UK was £164.98, according to Red7, a company that organizes hen parties.

Be honest about your finances.

Prior to the start of your event, make sure you have a pleasant open discussion with them about money. After all, you’re asking them to part with their own hard-earned money. The number one complaint made by hens regarding a hen party is the cost, not being asked if they could afford it in the first place, according to a

Choose The Destination For The Hen Party

If you don’t hear anything at all from the bride, it’s likely because she hasn’t told her friends or family about your hen party yet. If this is the case, she will have informed you in your first discussion if she has always wanted to go abroad for her hen party location or is content to stay in the United Kingdom, so be

Consider the wedding destination while organizing your hen do. Another aspect of hen do etiquette to consider is whether or not the wedding is held in another country. It’s generally assumed that if the bride has a destination wedding, an overseas hen party isn’t a possibility. It’s not appropriate to ask hens to pay for both their travel and the ceremony.

Make your trip simple by matching your budget to the area you’re visiting. Make the trip as painless as possible.

Consider where the hens will be based in the UK and choose a destination that is simple for the majority to reach. It’s doubtful that a seven-hour train journey across Britain will get the chickens in high spirits for fun.

Combine your activities with the place you’re visiting. Finally, consider if the activities on your wish list are possible in the area and how much time the hens can take off work. If the goal is too far away, you’ll need to factor in travel time; but don’t just assume all of the hens want to take several days off.

Book The Accommodation

The cost of staying in a hotel can be prohibitive, especially if you have a large group. If you’re going to spend any time in the room, look for somewhere with common space and some amenities for that house party feel.

Decide what type of accommodation would work best

If you’d prefer to self-cater, there are several websites that provide a wide selection of party homes for all budgets, sizes, and places, with pools, hot tubs, or even disco rooms! Try out Kate & Toms, The Big Domain, Celebration Cottages and The Hen House as well as simply searching for party houses

Choose And Book the Activities

So, you’re all ready to go, right? Now it’s time to get down to business and pick out and schedule the hen party activities. If you have time and money, why not make your wife-to-be a part of the fun by including her interests in the theme?

If you’re looking for a lovely way to pamper your bride, a classic spa day or a mobile pamper party at your venue are fantastic options. Perhaps you have a designer and artistic bride on your hands? 

Think beyond classic activities

If you truly want to make your hen party stand out, why not try the Bierkeller in Liverpool?

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